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14 Ways to Get Through These Uncertain Times Stronger, Happier and Healthier

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Yes, the world is in a state of EXTREME change right now and that can create fear and disempowerment BUT it can also create LOVE, Unity and Empowerment.  You truly have the power to decide how things look for you and your loved ones on the other side of this time of isolation, there is light around the corner. Here are 14 Ways to come out of this time more focused, alive, healthy, stronger, happier, and more empowered than before this time began. 

  1. Please don’t stay in panic mode.  Fear is VERY natural thing right now. Work and school situations are up in the air. Financial and health concerns abound.  NOTICE those fears, process them, love yourself because you care enough to be concerned about the well-being of yourself and the people around you to even have these fears. But please do not STAY here.  I give my clients the following exercise to transmute fear: Picture 3 ways it can work out and STAY in each scenario for a few minutes each.  We, as humans, tend to go to worst case scenarios. Imagine after these restrictions are lifted we are closer than ever; imagine systems have worked out to be more inclusive and caring; imagine you have done one or more of the other things on this list and feel SO MUCH better for it. When we open up to those possibilities – we open up our mind and neural pathways and are literally creating new outcomes. 
  2. Be an example of Love and Kindness – We are all IN IT right now.  It may present in different ways – the fears, the new adjustments that need to be made, the financial constraints that could be very new to some and be pushing them into fear. Some can already be isolated and fear of what this further isolation will do to them. We cannot have any clear picture of what someone else is going through, but we can be kind and reach out. In my own community there are groups being compiled on ways to help others.  There are so many ways to help others – make a meal for someone else, adopt or foster a pet, check on an elderly neighbor, offer your services to someone you know needs them whether it be driving, child care or anything else you can assist with. You sharing your love and kindness has a ripple effect and that is JUST what we need right now. Connect with your community and stay informed about places and people that need help and BE the change you want to see in the world! Under this is also Supporting Others – There are going to be many local businesses struggling to get through this time. Ask yourself how you might be able to help.   Ordering food in or getting take out may help your favorite restaurant survive during this time. 
  3. Eat Healthy – There can be a tendency to go to processed and “easy” foods during this time. BUT there has never been a better time to eat healthier.  Look up recipes online. Figure out what you can do to fill your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. We recently got an air fryer and the last month we have loved exploring how to make healthy meals with it.  Take the time to research online or through cookbooks WHAT it is you can do to fill your body with non-processed healthy foods. If there is a local CSA – sign up, get vegetables and fruits delivered and know you are doing you and your family a HUGE service by taking care of your physical body during this time. 
  4. Play – Seriously – PLAY – play board games, dance, sing, draw, get out the old Wii or gaming system and PLAY.  Do something for YOU that brings you JOY. The more you stay in this emotion of JOY the more you are letting yourself feel safe and know things WILL be okay.
  5. If you have extra time, learn something new.  So many times we have things we have said we wanted to learn but we put it off. If you are home from work or home from school and have the extra time.. this is a perfect time to pick up a new hobby or renew an old one. YouTube has countless classes and videos to take. The internet has a plethora of information on ANYTHING you would have wanted to learn about. I have a few clients that have been delving into ancestry and finding out about their relatives has granted them a great sense of connection. You can learn a language on https://www.duolingo.com/.  Learn to draw, dance, or perhaps even a new skill so you can reassess a job you are not happy in.  This time can be one of great rewards and learning!!
  6. Leisure Time – This is different from PLAY but just as important. What relaxes you? Is it reading a book, taking a bath, listening to music, doing a puzzle, binging a funny series on Netflix?  What brings you a sense of peace and deep calm? THIS is so important during this time. Again, it affirms that you DO feel peace and THAT is an important emotion to tap into these days.
  7. Stay informed but not overwhelmed with News – There is so much more new coming out every day – fear, restriction, and MISinformation abounds. What is it you NEED to know and what are reliable sources?  Being informed is smart – tuning in to every news update and not relying on trustworthy news sources are going to create FEAR and disempowerment. If necessary – give yourself 5 minutes a day or two times a day to tune in, get updates and then detach and do something else from this list! 
  8. Declutter and PURGE – There is no better way to make room for new energy than to purge what we do not need anymore. This IS a time of need for MANY people. This is a wonderful time to get rid of clothes and household items, possibly toys and activities for kids too if you don’t need and donate them. If it feels overwhelming – start with one small space in your home and tackle one spot a day – even a drawer or counter top. You will be making space for NEW energy, feel better with more room AND you will be helping people in need. A win-win all the way around!!
  9. Exercise – As many of us will be stuck inside for a while – WHAT will you do to exercise?  We don’t all want to emerge from this time in insulation heavier and out of shape! There are tons of YouTube videos and other free sites that offer exercise classes. Whether it is learning something new – like picking up Tai Chi, or Qi Gong which are great for relaxation or taking some yoga, pilates or dance classes.  There is no end to what you can be doing to stay healthy physically while you are inside. IF you are in nature – a walk outside is also HIGHLY recommended… leading to the next point.
  10. Nature – IF you are in a rural or suburban place and can get outside to a healthy place to breathe fresh air – even if it is your backyard – PLEASE do it daily!  A walk in a park, a few deep breaths outside, getting your gardens ready. Nature HEALS. If you are in a city and are allowed to be out or are close to a park – do so – even if for a few minutes – breathing fresh air and getting a change of scenery (providing it is safe to do so) will aid in feeling good. I know a building I lived in in NYC had a roof garden – back then being among the flowers, even though I was looking out at concrete helped me tremendously. Bring some plants in if you can and bring nature inside the home – plants and nature do truly make you feel better, calmer and more connected. 
  11. Mindfulness – Being mindful of where your energy is being expended and what energy you are surrounding yourself with has never been more important.  WHAT are the main thoughts you are going over in your head? THIS is a perfect time for a meditation practice. Don’t know how to meditate? There are countless ways to do it. Take a class! Take the first 2 lessons of my class for free and FEEL energy.  https://jennymannion.teachable.com/p/bliss/   
  12. Connectivity – We are being told to isolate, but please while you do that physically do not allow yourself to become an island.  Online – you can connect with friends, family through Zoom, Skype or the good ole phone – you can connect with others. There are groups online for whatever you are interested in.  CONNECT, SHARE and KNOW in that connection lies healing, love and support.
  13. Know you are worthy and WILL get through this –  Any challenge you have faced you have made it through. Any challenge your country or the world has faced – they have made it through. We will get to the other side of this.  How do you want that to look? Do you feel you deserve a life that is better than the one you had as you entered this phase? Can you use this time as a reset and a real assessment of what you want to change?  Use the above points to dive into that change. If you need a coach or help – find one that resonates with you. You DESERVE a life where you can be happy, healthy and doing what you love. How you spend the next few weeks or months within these new restrictions is UP TO YOU.  I am holding much love and a vision of you happier AND healthier on the other side – I hope you will join me in that vision!!
  14. Prayer and Intention – It helps to say prayers for yourself, others, your community and world.  It helps to hold that vision of us ALL stronger for having gone through this. It helps being in silence and connecting to that part of you that DOES trust and know that there is always the other side. LOVE and nurture this part of yourself. Take some time every day to picture the people you love, yourself and the WORLD stronger, happier and healthier for having been through this and united on the other side!

I know this time can seem very scary as each day brings new information, restrictions and change.  I also know as humans when challenges arise that is the time where we RISE to the occasion and show bravery, kindness and love in abundance. YOU have the power within you to choose. 

You are not alone. Reach out if you are in need to me, someone you love or a health professional if you feel depressed or like you truly need some help. Help is available and if you follow the above suggestions you can arrive at the other side of this time – happier, healthier and stronger than ever before. I am sending much love your way!!


  1. amazigh

    Hi its always a great pleasure reading

    • jennymannion

      Thanks so much Amazigh, I hope you are doing well. I am so grateful my words help you. Sending love, Jenny

  2. Suzie Cheel

    Jenny you had me nodding to all as i read through the post with No 1 and 14 being so important
    Release fear and step into love pray, and set daily intentions xxoo Love you

    • jennymannion

      Love you Suzie! Thanks so much for reading and I too feel those are the most important – beginning and ending with those. 🙂 Sending so much love to you and all your loved ones. xoxo

  3. Andrea

    Thanks for an excellent post. My husband and I review our plan daily and, fortunately, it contains a lot of the points you listed. Excited that my yoga studio is putting my favorite class online today — something else to look forward to!

    • jennymannion

      Hi Andrea, I LOVE that you and your husband review your daily plan! The yoga studio I belong to began putting classes online yesterday and I am so excited to pursue that as well! Sending much love your way! Thanks for being here. 🙂

  4. Vatsala Shukla

    Looks like I’m doing better than I thought with the situation. 🙂 Even if people apply 1 of your recommendations Jenny, they will find the way required to stay calm, productive and face the challenge with grace. We need social support more than ever right now even if social distancing is being encouraged to prevent the world from entering stage 3 of the pandemic.

    God Bless You for showing us a better way forward.

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much Vatsala! I am so glad you are doing well through this. I agree we do need support and love right now… that will lead us all through this happier, healthier and more connected in unity than ever before. Sending much love to you and all your loved ones! xoxo

  5. Zeenat Merchant Syal

    Jenny, I feel at ease after reading this post from you. Your suggestions are wonderful and needed in this time. May we each hold each other up during this time and come out on the other side shining. Love you for being YOU!
    xoxo, Z~

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much beautiful Zeenat!! I can see us on the other side – so much wiser, and more connected to ourselves and the world as a whole. Sending much love to you and all your loved ones! And big hugs too! xoxo