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Studying Shamanism Truly Ignited My Heart

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Whew – what a journey this last 2 years has been for everyone!  In the last 2 years, I took care of my mom during her last 5 months on this planet, got to be with her when she passed and have tried to do a whole lot of healing and grief work since. This amongst the grief of the world for the many that are passing, for the freedoms we have missed, for the changing landscape of the world and our relationships in it. I have had other friends pass and relationships morph during this time and each one brought grief along with it. It was in finding shamanism that I truly did find some hope, love and practices that ignited my heart when I sometimes thought that was no longer possible.

Shamanism has helped so much and I have been studying since June of last year and have just finished a training that went from October to this December with a few months break for practice and summer. Its practices have been life changing for me as well as some of my clients.

Click the image to play this guided meditation.

These are a few main lessons I learned from shamanism and how it has helped me on this journey. 

1) We are all Connected – I KNEW this but shamans take it a step deeper. Shamans encourage the connection we feel to our ancestors. Shamans nourish the connection we feel to the Earth. Shamans welcome the connection we feel with nature; plants, rocks, animals and ALL beings are worthy and deserving of love and respect.  I felt this so deeply as I built my “mesa” (13 Sacred rocks) and I felt this deeply with plants and getting a music of the plants machine helped deepen that connection.

Click on the photo or click this link to listen to a recent meditation I recorded called, “Our Body is an Orchestra” in which I was accompanied by my mom’s geranium plant attached to a Music of the plants Machine.

2) The Directions and Medicine Wheel Hold Vast Wisdom – Going around the medicine wheel and finding the Medicine in each was profoundly healing. Beginning in the South to let go of the past wounds and tools to become unstuck. Moving into the west where there was more released as we learned how to become lighter. Stepping into the North to awaken new possibilities from deep within. Allowing myself to step into the East to truly create a new life from within. 

Each of these directions allows me to initiate my cuyas (medicine stones) and held practices that I could share with my clients. Each allowed me to shed some of my past hurt, restrictions and grief and brought new wisdom, insights and ancient ways to help others. 

These directions all hold wisdom, and calling in directions to open Sacred Space has now become a daily habit and it feels like it deepens my own work and the healing work I do with clients. 

3) Helping clients with Trauma – I have learned that Shamanism is so not about “me” but about truly becoming “no one” or a “hollow bone” as I journey for my clients. Through practices such as Illumination, Decoupling (Resetting the Fight/Flight response), Entity Removal and Soul Retrieval and more I have seen such deep healing within my clients.

Shamans feel when we experience trauma a healthy piece of our soul fragments and goes somewhere safe to STAY safe.  Meanwhile, we are missing a healthy part of our soul. A shaman can help you find and reclaim that piece of yourself, allowing you to feel more complete that you had in perhaps a long time. 

When I went to my teacher for a soul retrieval I was waking up with grief dreams. Actually waking up hysterically crying missing my mom – reliving the moment she passed which had filled me with such complete sorrow. During the soul retrieval I received clear messages from my mom and was able to reclaim the soul pieces left when she left. The grief dreams ceased at once.

I have had client have profound experiences during these sessions and it brings me such joy and love to be able to share this.

4) I LOVE drumming and rattling  – Connecting to the beat of a drum and drumming daily has helped me. Banging on a drum is an amazing way to induce trance and also connect you to the rhythm of your own being. Shamans use drums and rattles as tools as while I may have been guilt of calling them “toys” when I first got them – I see their Sacredness and drumming and rattling during sessions helps my clients and I go deeper.

5) There is always more to learn – If you know me you KNOW I am a perpetual student. I love gaining tools for myself and I LOVE gaining tools that I know will help others.  While I may have completed two shamanic trainings – the learning will continue and I will continue to share with my clients the ancient but new to me practices I am learning. 


I LOVE working with clients through Shamanic Sessions.

I am now a Full Mesa Carrying Shaman (meaning I have 13 initiated Sacred Stones to help me with the sessions).  I use my other tools such as drum and rattle and tapping into the wisdom of your ancestors to facilitate healing for you. These sessions truly do illuminate and switch up energy QUICKLY.

An hour session is usually $250, but through Sunday Dec. 12th, I am offering it for $199. You’ll need to have an hour of time blocked, be wearing comfy clothes and have a place to rest and hopefully some time after to write, rest or integrate the energies.   I am beyond honored to do this work and have seen and experienced first hand how transformational this work can be.  

For a limited time I am offering a full 60 minute Shamanic Healing session for $199. 

NOW $199 – (usually $250)


This offer runs through Midnight ET on Sunday Dec.12th. I am so excited to share these shamanic practices with you. If you have experienced trauma in your life or have felt “stuck” in any area of your life this session truly can help transform that energy. I am sending much love your way!