New for 2022 – Life Path Focus Reading - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

I remember watching Oprah and hearing her prompt, “What I know for sure.”  I’ve used this often when I feel a little scattered and like my brain was trying to tell me I knew nothing. LOL. We all have times when we feel scattered and maybe a little thrown off path.

This can look like:

·        An occurrence that happened that we feel thrown off by.

·        A behavior or pattern that we can’t seem to understand why we keep repeating it even to our own detriment

·        A general “Holy Crap, this is the world now, what the HECK is going on and how do I fit in?”

I feel many of us have felt a perhaps all of these the last few years with what has been unfolding in the world. We all have suffered grief and trauma of some sort. We have all had our lives rearranged a bit. We all have had to take a closer look at what really matters and where we fit into this ever changing world.

It was from this space that my newest service offering was born: A Life Path Focus Reading

I asked to be shown an easier and quicker way to help serve YOU on your path and this is what came to the surface.

This offers you a quick way to find out your Primary Life Lesson (located in the Akashic Records) and identify blocks and restrictions that are contributing to a challenge you specify that you are undergoing in your life right now.

There is more of an explanation and deep dive into these new readings here.

This service is AVAILABLE NOW and is regularly priced at $75 but, for the first 10 people who purchase now, it’s just $59 [OFFER HAS EXPIRED] So book your reading today, and within 5 business days, you can have a recording specifically made for you telling you your primary life lesson (what you CAME here to experience), identify blocks and restrictions around the challenge presented to me as well as customized affirmations to help you along your way.

What I know for sure is we are ALL worthy of clarity, growth, happiness and forward movement and I am honored to be a guide on your path.

Love & Gratitude,