Clear the Fear in 2 Weeks: Navigate this time in Peace and Hope - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion


We have all been living through an unprecedented time. We have all experienced changes, grief for the way things were and most likely personally as well, and all the emotions living through a time of rapid change brings up. 

We were not given a toolbox to navigate this time. We likely felt thrown around and off course and sometimes
might have even doubted our own sanity and the sanity of the world. We might have even had moments where we could
not even imagine making it through and what life looked like in the future. 

This is why this course was created. 

Clear the Fear in Two Weeks: How to Navigate this time in Peace and Hope

I have spent the last 15 years studying change and gaining tools to help myself and my clients navigate changes and challenges of all kinds.
My book, “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your life”published by Llewellyn Publishing in 2016 was even an International bestseller. 

I know that by offering our body, mind and spirit tools to navigate this time – it truly is possible to not only survive this time..but to thrive from a place of peace, hope and love. 

I will spend 2 days offering you tools on how to move your mind through fear and to peace and hope. You will learn how to regain control of your mind when “life happens” and you are challenged. You will feel stronger for it and gain a deep sense of peace knowing you have these tools. 

We will then move onto 2 days of working with the body. Learn powerful techniques to move from anxiety and stress to a deep sense of peace and relaxation. I believe in short and easy exercises. You will be able to get your body into a peaceful space within a few short minutes with these exercises. 

Lastly we will focus on your spirit and soul. By tapping into the unconditional love available to us – you will gain tools to stand in that love and hope for the future. You will dive deep into a sense of self-love and know that you are protected and that all will truly be okay. You will learn how to ask for guidance and how to move forward when challenges arise. 

The last day we will summarize each and combine all the body, mind and spirit tools so you leave confident in your ability to navigate this time in peace and hope. 

In two weeks you will have over 15 tools to move through fear and transmute it within your body, mind and spirit to love, peace and hope!  

Each day you fill out your homework within the forum (specifically designated for this course),  you will be entered into a contest to win prizes
that offer one on one work with me and even more energetic shifts. 

This is a project I am passionate about – so passionate I want you to share it with a friend and pay it forward. When you sign up for the class, email me another person you would like to add to the class and I will add them FOR FREE. I want people to have these tools. The more people that have them the more the ripple effect is in place to transform this world from a place of fear to a place of love, hope and peace.  I hope to see you on Monday!