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Relationships Reflect your Inner Self-Worth – Clear the Old to Attract the New

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Akashic Relationship Readings/Clearings Significantly Reduced NOW…

I have learned to listen and pay attention when things keep coming to my awareness.

A few days ago I wrote about how I was guided to offer a deep dive program into relationship healing so you can be aligned with relationships from the highest version of yourself.

We have all had relationships that have either instilled trauma, lack of self-worth,  a lack of self-love, unhealthy patterns or behaviors. Perhaps it was a parent, maybe it was a romantic relationship, or it could even be a sibling or friend that had this affect on you.

You do not have to let your past relationships define the future ones. Relationships are a reflection of our own self-worth. Know you deserve to be rid of the past patterns, behaviors, karma, etc. so you can create the new!!

Since, sending that email I have received new clients, not even knowing where I had switched my attention to – and they were all coming to me for help with leaving the energy of an old relationship to invite in the new.

I realize not everyone has access to the time, money and energy right now to take that deep dive.  If you do and are, you are can always check out my program and know I work with people on sliding scale rates: Scroll down to Relationship Reinvention! 

If you are ready to just get started and want to get clarity and energy shifting within a relationship, whether that is with an intimate one, a relative (alive or passed) or a friend – we can do that. I feel guided to offer my Akashic Relationship reading for a huge discount while we are in this energy.

A Relationship Reading/Clearing is usually $250 and includes:

  • Knowing how many lifetimes you and the other person have shared
  • Knowing your primary life lesson within this relationship for each other (what you signed up to experience and learn from each other)
  • If there are any contracts between you and giving permission to clear those.
  • What blocks and restrictions have been present as you relate to each other specific and in general – we also ask these be cleared
  • A clearing within the records as well as a typed and emailed report on what was found
  • A 21 day prayer to clear the energies
  • A 1/2 hour phone or zoom call with me to discuss what was found.

Info I need for the reading:  Full name and at birth of both people, date of birth, place of birth.


– Does the other person have to be living for me to have the clearing done?

NO – you can do a clearing for you and someone that has passed. T will grant you peace and will also help the other person with their next stage.

  • Can I use this to heal a relationship?

    Yes and NO. I have had people use this reading, when BOTH were willing and it has granted new deeper awareness and healing. When both are willing, both parties will receive a 21 day prayer. It is NOT a guaranteed fix to stay together as sometimes parting IS the healing. Either way though, it WILL grant clarity!

    – Can I do this for me and someone who does not know I am doing it?

    Yes, this prayer and clearing will help grant you clarity. Whether or not you decide to share it with them is up to you. YOU know best if they will be able to receive it.

    – Does the healing begin only after I say the 21 day prayer?

    NO! The healing begins as soon as you book a reading. You have set your intention. The next layer of healing begins as I do the reading and clearing. The next when you read the reading and gain clarity. The last layer of healing is the 21 day prayer, with your intention behind it to CLEAR these energies!

Usual Price $250, Sale Price: $175

As it is the holidays, please allow a couple weeks for completion. Begin your new year with the prayer and intention of creating new healthier relationships from this space. IF you purchase this reading and decide you want to dive deeper with the other Relationship Reinvention Program, I will discount you an additional $250 (full price of reading) even though you received a discount. Know I work with people on payment programs. If you resonate with this work and want it done. We will figure out a way to work together!

For the SALE price for this reading – please make payment one of these ways:

Venmo: @JennyLove365 or @Jenny Mannion (Please make sure it is a picture of me as there are a few Jenny Mannions.


Stripe/Credit Card:

I would be honored to help you on this journey!! When you purchase, email me or with the info requested, your time zone and best times to speak.


  1. lisa Harding

    Wow, Jenny, you are so incredible, helping so many people in the world, so inspiring admiral lady….. Well done to you 🤗 well it’s a week to Christmas here so hopefully after Christmas I will be able to take a deeper dive with you, ❤️

    • jennymannion

      Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for your kind words! I would welcome working deeper with you – reach out through email and let’s explore what that looks like. Sending lots of love, Jenny