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Updates and What’s Coming Next!

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Today marks day 777 of consecutive daily meditation and what a journey it has been!!  I truly cannot imagine my day without it now – and don’t think other people would want to be around me either! LOL. I love the peace and centeredness it offers my overactive brain.  This has been a journey of a lot of healing (still ongoing) and also a deep dive into self love and truly knowing what it is I want out of my career what my every day looks like, and giving myself permission to claim it.

It is “funny” (the ironic kinda funny) to me that really it has been a gettin’ back to basics. When I began my business, I designed my website, regulated the blog and emails and interacted so much daily with people in my field. Along the way I have focused so much on learning more and more.. for myself, for my loved ones and also for my clients. I love that I have so many tools and honestly if I could clone myself and have 1 clone reading and learning all day – I would be so up for that. There is so much within my fields of study that excite me. It drives me to wanting to share that knowledge and the tools I have acquired with the world.  I have been so “busy doing” and had the ongoing dialogue that I could not do it myself. I have loved the people I hired and am so grateful for their help along the way. I also know it has been very important for me to go back and refine my website, emails and messages so they are 100% ME.

In the last few months I have switched gears to working primarily with people on relationships. I do still help people with cancer and health concerns, but 90% of my clients are now about healing their relationships within themselves and with others in their lives. It gives me more energy to give to my clients who are ill and also more energy for myself and my other clients and my loved ones. I have felt the shift, and this shift has also invited in some amazing opportunities.

I have 2 books being published soon that I am a part of. The book SIGNS: Sacred Encounters with Pathways, Turning Points, and Divine Guideposts, will be out on March 10. You can purchase an advance copy here: https://amzn.to/3RwCJ8g   This is such an important book as it shows how we truly are connected to each other and so much more. I included a story about some of the signs I have received from my mother since she passed, so it is very personal experiences I am excited to share. I also know the book will be filled with inspiration as being connecting to Simran (the primary author) and Sacred Stories (the publisher) has been such a gift. It will also include so many other stories that will offer inspiration and peace. I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of this book. 

The other book on the Akashic Records, will also be published by Sacred Stories Publishing. Is Coming in August. Both are part of the Common Sentence Series. I have read a few books in the series and they are truly life shifting and inspirational. I have been working within the Akashic Records for 15 years and it has become such an important part of my life. I am beyond excited to read others stories and experiences and am honored to be a part of this book, “AKASHA, Spiritual Experiences of Accessing Our Soul’s Infinite Intelligence”, with author Lisa Barnett. 

I am happily joining with my old friend and soul brother Todd Jason, (who I’ve known for over 15 years), who has worked with so many inspirational thought leaders such as Eckhardt Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Ken Wilber and Tony Robins for his “Unleash Your Purpose Challenge”. He and Lauren Weinstein are leading this powerful 5 Day Free Challenge, and I feel so honored to be a teacher among them AND ACTUAL Samurais!  We have another huge announcement coming soon… that has me actually tingling with excitement.  For me, those head to toe body tingles and the constant inspiration and guidance, means, “YES, this is so aligned.”

So has it been easy? Hell no. I have faced resistance, my shadows, my limiting self-talk and had to do many deep dives into healing. There were some days early on, I doubted I could keep my meditation practice going and needed to talk myself into it. There are times the new revelations that came in, brought in grief, dark night of the soul moments as they came up to be healed and showed love. I’ve navigated through emotions like shame, blame, guilt, anger, frustration, confusion and slo been able to embrace presence, love and connectivity.

It helps I have an aligned mentor/coach who truly gets me and the tools, guidance and space she has held for me have elevated me more in the last 6 months, then perhaps the last 10 years. I truly cannot thank Justine enough for her help and wisdom. I have been blessed to have amazing mentors and coaches along the way. I truly feel holding ourselves accountable and always knowing there is more work to be done.. is an important quality a spiritual teacher. Yes, we can access this wisdom within, but it helps to have objective eyes, mind and heart, keeping us on track.

I feel so blessed for all the people who have helped me along the way… friends, loved ones, family, clients, and people who have offered challenges as well. They have all shaped this journey and I trust it is all perfect – even if sure hasn’t felt like that sometimes!

I love helping others and am excited this year will offer me many opportunities to reach more people. That is truly what it is all about for me. Spreading the love and letting people know they truly can embrace happiness, move through trauma and into a life that is aligned with the highest version of themselves. Thank you for each and every person I have met along the way. I am sending you much love for your journey!!!