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Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from Tosha Silver’s Divine Abundance Oracle Deck – Signs


Message: Instincts are the message from the Inner Divine. 

Jenny’s Comments and Exercise:

What a perfect card!! I mentioned last Friday, a book I am very proud to have my story in “Signs” was released. I have been reading this book and thoroughly enjoying it. The first part is all about the different ways we can receive and notice signs. The second part a collection of stories from people who have received signs (including my story of signs I have received from my mom since she has passed).  The last part of the book invites ways to more signs into your life. I would love to know if you are reading the book and what you think! Here is the link on amazon to check out the book “Signs”.

We all are receiving signs, but we truly need to quiet the mind and be present to even notice.

Our intuition and higher self is looking for those windows to show us that life truly is more than a collection of our past thoughts, traumas, concerns and challenges. We are all connected. There is joy to be had and we are truly worthy of a happy, peaceful life. It will take some effort on all our parts to get to that place. We will need to be compassionate with ourselves as we move from being on auto pilot to truly being conscious of the world around us and the present moment.

I love this card because it also reminds me of a story where I trusted my instincts even though they made no sense at the time, and possibly saved my own life.

I was staying at my dad’s apartment in NYC and he had a serious rule he was to abide by when I was at his house, OR face a disgruntled teenager! (The horror!!) He was NOT allowed in my room earlier than 11AM on the weekend. He stuck to this rule as he knew facing a moody teen was not in his best interest. But one Saturday he came into my room EARLY, dared to wake me up (LOL) and told me he was going to the village to get an album he wanted. He asked if I wanted to come with him.

I remember being very very tired and in general a subway ride at 9AM would have NOT have been something I was willing to do on a Saturday, but something in me said VERY loudly “GO with him” and I did. When we got back…about an hour and a half later… his apartment wasn’t just robbed, but was ransacked.

The way they got in (a window in the living room) – I would have been trapped and they would have found me when they opened my bedroom door. There would have been no way even if I heard the robbers (a sleeping teen aged Jenny probably would NOT have even heard them until they were inside) that I could have been gotten out of the apartment. I don’t know what would have happened to me – but I imagine a 14-15 year old girl would not have been treated kindly when they found me and were scared.

I am very grateful I listened to my instincts, and am grateful any time I receive Signs from the Universe.

I’ve been blessed to receive signs from loved ones that have passed and also signs when I asked for them in nature. Then of course there are all the 1:11’s 3:33’s and other times that appear constantly. When we invite in more signs it truly can be like a nod from the Universe. As we are living in a time where many feel unsettled, these little nudges from the Universe can truly grant peace and a feeling that we are SO much more than we think and ARE TRULY connected to all. I don’t know about you – but that grants me serenity and calmness!! 

This time in history energetically and astrologically we are more connected on a psychic level. It is a PERFECT time to invite in more of these energies and to affirm we are ready to be more present. That way we receive more signs to guide and comfort us on our journey!

– Sit quietly, turn off anything that might disturb you and take a few slow breaths and you close your eyes.
– Bring your hands to your heart. Remember a time that you saw a sign or trusted your instinct and intuition. This can be a time you saw a number that meant something like 1:11. Maybe you heard a song on the radio that was truly perfect for that moment or meant something. Perhaps you saw feathers or something else in nature that stirred you.  Or anything else you have experienced that felt like a sign to you.
– Bring that to mind… With every sense.. what it looked like, what it felt like when you saw it, if there were sounds or smells at the time…?
– Stay there a few moments.
– Thank the Universe for showing you this sign. Affirm to yourself “I have seen signs before and I am grateful and open for the signs coming in”.
– IF there is a particular sign you wish to see… name it and thank the Universe/God/Your Higher self/Angels (whoever resonates) for bringing more signs into your life.
– If it is general – affirm that you are open to and will be ore aware of receiving more signs. Say thank you to yourself for this time and for however that sign is going to come in.
– Bring a smile to your face and come back.
– Now EXPECT to see some signs and be on the lookout.

The more we give thanks to this energy and focus on the gratefulness we have for receiving signs, the more signs we WILL in fact receive.

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