Inspirational, mindfulness, Motivational, Self-care

Focus Friday – Truth – Are You Speaking to your Body kindly and with Truth or from Pain and Trauma?

Inspirational, mindfulness, Motivational, Self-care

Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from the Self-Love Oracle Deck by Akal Pritam.  Please take some time today or over the weekend to read through, contemplate and do the exercise for a deeper healing. Think about how you Speak to Your Body. 

Card: Soul Lesson: Truth, Throat Chakra

Short Message: Choose Your Words Wisely

Message:  Your body is listening. It hears all of your thoughts and words. Your words are powerful and they instruct every cell in your physical body.

Pay close attention to how you think, describe and relate to your body. Perhaps your heart and soul know better than your mind about how you should feel about yourself.

By choosing your words wisely, and by only being self-loving, you can nourish, heal and renew. With total reverence for your body and an ongoing commitment to proper self-care, you can free yourself from disease and premature aging. With a truthful elevated self-perception and a willingness to learn and change, you can maintain youthfulness.

Wellbeing involves being able to truly receive pleasure and learn how to properly relax.

You are the most intuitive healer you’ll meet and the one person who will be with you most.

Comments and Exercise from Jenny:  When I pulled this card SO many things came to mind about Truth and how it is so important during this time AND how much is being revealed. AND how we truly DO know and can tap into truth by our intuition and that connection to our heart and soul. NOT from the mind that can confuse and limit us. There are so many things I would love to discuss regarding this and tis importance at this time – but this is a short reading and this card’s message was directed toward the body so I will go that route!

Many of you know, 17 years ago, I healed myself of 7 years of chronic disease and pain in 3 weeks. I had been told I would wind up in a wheelchair and was given no hope of recovery. Instead, I healed myself by changing my thoughts and tapping into the TRUTH of who I was.  I let go of what doctors were telling me and as the card stated – I tapped into that intuitive healer within.

Most of us have a pretty shitty inner dialogue. Oh, if we’ve been on this journey for a bit, we might say affirmations or give ourselves credit once in a while. But the overwhelming way we usually speak to ourselves from our subconscious is usually a way we would not speak to anyone else, much less a loved one.

We speak to our bodies in the same way. “Ow my back”, “Wow, I really need to lose weight”, “There goes my stomach again”, “I feel old”, “I can’t keep up with younger people”, “It hurts getting out of bed”, etc. When a part of our body hurts, we do not automatically think “Oh, it must need some love”, in fact we usually address it with worry and sometimes even disappointment and anger for the limits we are feeling. It is not our fault… we were not taught differently. We were taught if something is hurting you take some pain reliever and numb the pain OR you run to a doctor to figure it out. There are some cases – where it is acute pain where of course you need that assistance. BUT, there are also cases – especially in chronic pain.. where you DO have the answers and usually the ability to heal.  This is topic near and dear to my heart because I was able to heal myself and have seen so many others do the same since working with clients the last 17 years. It is what I made the free course on, on my site – ReAwakening Self Love through the Chakras – because when we focus on our energetic centers and learn how to send them love and bring them into balance – our body begins to heal.(Chakras are KEY in Eastern medicine and not even acknowledged in Western medicine. They ARE our body’s inner diagnostic system, they are NOT complicated and there is GREAT power in getting familiar with them!)

We would not expect a person to work tirelessly with no encouragement or gratitude, or compensation. Yet that is exactly how most of treat our miraculous bodies, which take care of so much daily for us – without our conscious thought. Turning to gratitude for our bodies, truly IS transformative and it is an easy thing that you can begin doing in this moment and start a habit of doing every single day. Our body is not PUNISHING us with pain – it is trying to get our attention.

YOU truly do have such power inside of you and it begins with your thoughts. Through a gentle retraining.. you can regain health, vitality, release pain and inspire yourself to new levels of strength. You can perhaps start feeling younger than you have in years! 

Exercise(s) :  Do one or all of the following:

  1. Turn all electronics off and commit to a few moments of peace. Take some slow breaths, close your eyes and rub the palms of your hands together for 30-60 seconds. After that place them a few inches apart and see if by moving them together and apart – you begin to feel sensations.. warmth, tingles, coolness, etc. if you don’t – please do this again… When you DO.. please place your hands on whatever body part might have been troubling you lately.. your stomach, your back, etc. If you cannot reach that part of you, place your hands on your heart and intend that the energy in your hands goes to that part. As you focus on that part of your body – give thanks to it. Tell it you love it and you are grateful for all the ways it has helped you and showed up for you in this lifetime. Feel the energy going into that part. As you exhale, imagine any darkness evaporating from that body part and as you inhale see love and healthy energy going into that body part. Sit with this for as long as it is comfy. Thank your body part and your entire body for showing up for you. When you are ready open your eyes and write down anything you noticed.
  2. In the shower THANK your body as you wash it. Each part… thank your feet – you may want to think of a specific thank you for each part or just a general thank you. For example.. thank you feet for allowing me to walk on this planet.  If you start to do this every day you WILL begin to notice a difference.
  3. In the morning before you get out of bed or at night before you fall asleep, thank your body. These times of day are when our subconscious is tuned in… and the messages go deeper. Think about one part of your body or your body as a whole.. and send a few sentences of gratitude. If inspired, you can also place your hand on that body part as you say the affirmation, or you can place your hand on your heart.
  4. Either standing or sitting, gently pat your body.. your arms all the way from shoulders, to hands and back again, your legs and every part you can reach. As you do – thank your body. This patting helps awaken the energy within and can also help in aiding healing. We truly do have the power to heal ourselves and even feel younger. Please be mindful of the messages you send your body, and switch to compassion, gratitude and love when you notice. Be kind with yourself – you are rewriting a program.. it might take a little while. But you may be VERY surprised at how quickly you begin to feel differently.To find out more about working with me, please check out my sessions here.
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