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Have you ever been Curious about The Akashic Records?

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I have been doing work in the Akashic records for over 17 years now.  It is so crazy to think it’s been that long, but when I think about how much my life and I have  changed since facilitating this work – it puts it into perspective.

If I had to pick one modality or tool that has helped me the most on my journey, it would be the Akashic Records. Before I learned how to facilitate readings and clearings myself, receiving my own reading and clearing jump-started the changes in my life.  I will affectionately call an Akashic Record Clearing a “not so gentle kick in your butt on your path”. It IS gentle and loving but at the same time it can show you Truth that you have to be ready to embrace. The reading told me information no one could have ever known and it also said I would be a gifted energy healer. I remember thinking, “yeah right.” And then while I was saying the prayer (after your clearing you get a 21 day prayer to say to truly anchor in these new energies and set the intention you are truly ready to clear out the old to invited in the new) I received the book “The Reconnection”. The book had been on my wish list and I fed even it as a gift with a few other books but boy my life truly never was the same once I even held it. That book literally vibrated in my hands, created (happy) tears in my eyes and energetic events started happening all around me. Lights going on and off, there was the fun dinner party where when I walked by the microwave and it looked like it was possessed – with numbers, sounds and lights flashing, and the unforgettable time of my bedroom lamp being on when it was unplugged. Energy was shifting in and all around me.  Receiving my first Reconnective energy healing session and then becoming a practitioner made experiences amp up even more – and now I was even “receiving information” and there was no denying I was fascinated and on my path. I was told I would be great at Akashic Record Reading when I received my own reading, but it took a year until I was led to and felt ready to embark on those studies and KNEW it was necessary for my next steps. I was meant to help people with these two modalities that changed energy in and around my clients, by helping them align and connect consciously with their souls and their soul gifts on a deeper level than maybe even they ever thought possible.

What have I seen happen as a result of the work in the records? I have seen physical, mental and emotional limitations disappear. I have had people tell me they have never had a more in depth reading (the reports I give are 6 pages minimum and are chock filled with information about that person at soul level), I have gotten to see houses and properties renewed with peaceful loving energy (property clearings truly can seem miraculous),  I have gotten to witness people truly embrace a spiritual practice (the 21 day prayer is a good jump start for this). I have seen light and clarity shone on relationships (during relationship readings), I have seen people truly step more into their power as they feel more connected and aligned than ever before.

In all this time, I will admit at first I was not as vocal about this work. It was “woo woo” and I knew many would not even think it was possible. Thanks to the changes I have seen this work create, the changing of times, doing over a thousand readings and tons of validation from clients – this work IS something I am very proud of and am a deep believer in. I have taken many classes and levels of classes of Akashic Record Reading, and now also take people onto guided journeys so they can also learn how to read their own records and connect with the records as a tool they can always access. We do all have the ability to read our own records. Within them, lies infinite information that can help and free us of limitations.

When I visit the Akashic records, all I feel is unconditional love and connection, and I love offering that gift to others. I will say when I began facilitating the records, the peace I felt there was unmatched and it was sometimes challenging for me to “come back”. But it made me more aware – it was MY job to make my life a Heaven on Earth for myself – no one else could do that for me. The records gave me some of the tools needed to do just that. The work in the records keeps blessing me on all levels and it isn’t something I feel I have given enough credit to publicly.

That is why my interview with Russ Johnson went straight to my heart. I’ve never had such in depth questions asked about the Akashic Records and in the process I found a connection with such a lovely soul!  I would love for you to take a listen. If the Akashic Records interest you at all or peak your curiosity, I guarantee you will find some nuggets within. Thank you Russ for this amazing conversation! https://russjohnson.com/the-akashic-record-fascinating-interview-with-jenny-mannion/ I went in for an interview and came out with a friend!

A week later Russ decided to explore his own Akashic Records with a Guided Akashic Journey with me. I found a good friend along the way and love his explanation of his journey. 

If you would like to know more about my Akashic work, please visit my Akashic page. I would be honored to work with you!  https://jennymannion.com/energy-healing-services/akashic/