Focus Friday – Become Aware of Your Thoughts for Liberation!

Focus Friday – Become Aware of Your Thoughts for Liberation!

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The Focus Friday Card for this week was pulled from Tosha Silver’s Divine Abundance Oracle Deck. Please take some time today and/or over the weekend to look at it and contemplate the message and exercise. Think about what liberation means for you.

Card: Liberation

Message: “The doubts and fears still come up: you don’t believe anymore than they are about you.” 

Message from Jenny:   Oh the self-talk we engage in CAN be pretty convincing. After all it IS the voice we hear most often. If you’ve followed me a while you have heard the following statistic – the average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% negative and 95% the same exact ones as yesterday. I remember the first time I heard this being pretty appalled, but then also feeling like “Wow, we can do better than this – there is a LOT oof wiggle room for improvement”. Being on this journey for almost 20 years now, diving deep into consciousness and mindfulness, meditation and just about every tool I could find to become centered and be aware of these thoughts, I truly know it is an ongoing process… but it DOES become easier and easier.

For most of us the programs and words we repeat come from a wounded space and some come from things we heard before we were even 5 years old. Maybe from family… from our community .. from global consciousness. If you add in all the relationships, jobs and experiences we have had as we made our way – there is a LOT of opportunity for our brain to pick up on “not such positive messages” to send to us.

We forget or mis-say something and mutter to ourselves “I am so stupid”, We cancel on something and feel guilt or like maybe we’re being selfish. There is something we are afraid to do or say and we berate ourselves saying we are weak, not smart enough, etc. There are endless ways we judge and over analyze every single thing we do and say.

But when we bring consciousness into it and start to LISTEN to that voice, we can call a confident “bullshit” on it and know it is just our past wounds that are telling us that, that message is not coming from the deepest part of us, our soul.

You can be getting messages from the world at large now and collective consciousness as it struggles to reinvent itself and heal, you could be telling yourself messages from the deepest, most traumatized parts of your past, you could be repeating statements to yourself that were said to you by others who were hurting. But all of these are simply energies and past programming. You have the ability in mindfulness and a deep compassion to yourself to create a NEW story, a more empowering one, and choose to feel EMPOWERED each and every time you catch yourself berating yourself, instead of “going down the rabbit hole”.

Please know this is an ongoing process. I have been doing this work daily for almost 20 years and I still catch myself. But the joy and power lies in catching myself. If you can roll your eyes, bring a smile to your face, acknowledge your “human” – it can feel lighter”. Please don’t judge yourself on what you are hearing yourself say to yourself, but feel that compassion. Notice that there is a wiser part of you that knows those messages are simply not true to who you REALLY are.

Exercises:  Please do one or both go these within the next few days.

1) Get quiet, close your eyes, slow your breath, place your hand (or hands) on your heart. Get comfy. Bring to mind one negative thing you tend to tell yourself. I have a feeling if you think about this a few will come to mind.. just bring one in for this exercise at a time. Bring it to mind and picture giving yourself a huge inner hug and telling yourself you are lovable and come up with a statement that is the opposite of what your original one was. For example if it was “I am not smart enough”.. you would think “I AM smart” or “I am grateful for all I know”.   When you come up with the positive statement, begin to inhale, and breathe that into your heart, as you exhale, imagine exhaling out any restriction you feel around saying the positive statement. Do this as many times as you like to feel that calm set in. Feel the truth of the new statement and the freedom it brings letting go of the old. Thank yourself for taking this time. You are truly liberating yourself by acknowledging, and ridding yourself of these old beliefs.  The more you do this with different limiting beliefs – the more you are truly setting yourself FREE. 

2) Get quiet, close your eyes, slow your breath, place your hand (or hands) on your heart. Get comfy. Come up with one fear, maybe it is about money, health, a relationship etc. and allow that to come to mind without attaching to it. Now, breathe into your heart and ask for 3 different ways this can turn out okay. So if it is money – maybe you find money, get an unexpected check, someone pays you back or you find a new way to make money. Allow those 3 ways to come to mind and as they do… breathe each one into your heart and exhale out any resistance you feel for that being a real possibility. Give thanks for these ideas. When you finish with all three, bring to mind all 3 at once, and inhale deeply – feeling all those possible positive scenarios go right into your heart, exhale out any resistance. Imagine yourself with one or possibly all 3 of these positive scenarios working out and bring in the emotion that would bring you – Joy? Relief? Pride? Etc…. FEEL that emotion in your heart and ask that the emotion be infused in every cell in your body. Breathe that emotion in and again, exhale out any resistance or part of you that wants to say the “yeah, buttt….” When we dwell in the positive What if’s and possibilities we are sending that energy out to the world and it is MUCH more likely we will get a positive result. Give yourself and inner hug for taking this time. Let yourself know fear is only one response there are many ways this can turn out better than okay.

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