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Focus Friday – Nurturing Your Creativity

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Today’s Focus Friday card was pulled from my Earth Oracle Deck by Barbara Moore. Please take some time to reflect on this card and practice an exercise or read the mantra within the next few days. 

Card #4 Creativity

Flower for Creativity: Lady’s Mantle – enhances fertility, feminine healing, and a connection to the Divine Feminine
Crystal for Creativity: Carnelian promotes creativity and fertility

Message: Creativity is not just something that is “NICE” to have in your life. Creativity is your birthright and it is also one of the most basic drives in human beings. Sadly, our culture does not value creativity and views it as an indulgent pastime. Heal your creative self by falling into the arms of the Divine Feminine.
Invocation/Mantra:  “I am a creative being and actively feed my creative self through the arts and through nature. I express my creative being with passion and confidence.”

Jenny’s message and exercises:  I know in my own life, when I am expressing myself creatively I feel more aligned and in flow. I also know I can get “side tracked” with life and the demands in it, and sometimes not devote the time my soul is calling for. I prescribe “creativity” to my clients, because it truly is a way to tap into your soul, joy and affirm that YES this planet IS a wonderful place to be! We all have different ways of expressing ourselves creatively and this is NOT to be judged, but loved. Whether it is dancing uninhibited in your living room, singing at the top of your lungs in the shower, drawing, doodling or using some other way to express yourself – these all connect you in with the true YOU and take you out of the critical mind – IF you allow it to.  It is in honoring yourself and the joy of creating that you can allow the magic to come.. Perhaps you are great at throwing meals together, maybe you love to write, perhaps you get excited taking photographs in nature, maybe you play an instrument.. there is no one way of expression and the way that brings YOU joy – will help bring you into alignment and flow. 

– Take some time this weekend and commit to yourself to do one of the things that bring you joy. Maybe it is something you have not done in a while, perhaps it is something you’ve want to try. If nothing comes to you – get out for a walk in nature with the intention to just “be” and connect. This does not have to be a crazy amount of time.. it can be putting on a favorite song you haven’t heard and singing or dancing to it, it can be taking 15 minutes to draw or color.. there is not right or wrong and PLEASE do NOT judge yourself. Note how you feel after this activity.

– Write down ways you love to create.. or a way you have been thinking that you would love to learn… I have friends that have taken up knitting, maybe you would like to do some scrapbooking or draw.. there are classes for everything online for FREE if needed. Commit to trying something new or rekindling a love for something you used to love to do.

Sending much love and wishes for creative blessings! Please share how YOU love to create – as you might inspire others. For me dancing and writing are my favorite two ways.. but thanks to my kids I also love to draw (they are both amazing artists). When you can remove the judgment and remember to do it just for the fun of it – you might be pretty amazed by what you create and just how good you feel!!

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