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Focus Friday: Easy Exercises to Navigate this Full Moon/Eclipse

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This Focus Friday and Full Moon Card was pulled from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck (written by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos) Illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Please take some time over the next few days to reflect on the picture, message and do the exercise(s) that resonate. This Focus Friday is ALSO a FULL MOON in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse. It is truly the perfect time to assess and release!!!

The Essence: Crow is the keeper of Universal Law, the law of truth. Crow teaches us to walk our talk, to find congruence between who we say we are and who we really know ourselves to be. This winged one insists that we speak truth, that we create truth instead of searching for it, and that we bring truth to every situation we find ourselves in.

The Invitation: When you speak the truth and practice truth, eventually everything you say becomes true. Your power to co-create with the truth is the universal law. Correct what is untrue in your life without judgment. Let the truth set you free!

The Medicine: Be true to your word! Crow arrives just as we have convinced ourselves that what we are doing is right and justified. And while this may be the case in the realm of relative truth, in the higher realm of absolute truth it is not. Look deeply into your heart  and remain alert, lest you convince yourself of something that isn’t deeply true for you, or perhaps not the highest truth. Do not seduce yourself with illusions.

Jenny’s Message and Exercises:  This Full Moon and Eclipse is a time of rapid transformation and sudden change. So it is a perfect time to assess what is true for you.  What limiting beliefs have you told yourself about yourself, others or the world?  Are you ready to release and transmute these limiting beliefs? Have you been settling or have you been dishonest to what you really really want and deserve?  Have you been living authentically and unapologetically as YOU – truly YOU without worrying about “people pleasing” or the opinions of others? 

Speaking the truth is so important but it does not mean spewing your beliefs and making others wrong.  When you speak to others kindly, understanding their truth might NOT be yours, it can open up a conversation rather than an “I know everything and you are wrong” dialogue, which will only leave the person feeling attacked and defensive.

Truth begins with us. The more we live in our truth – the more life flows. When we get real honest with ourselves, we might not like everything that comes up BUT that is an opportunity to CHANGE. Please don’t beat yourself up about it – give yourself some love for noticing something is NOT right and is not sitting right with you.

There are so many exercises for the full moon that are perfect for this… below I have a poem I wrote that you can read to release and balance energy through each chakra… I also have a few others you can try!

Please pick whatever resonates! Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!! I am sending you love and wishes for all your dreams to come true! I wish for you to come home to the highest version of yourself as you release ALL that is not aligned with your truth!!


Well Scorpio (the full moon is in Scorpio) is all about death, rebirth and transformation.  I know no better element than FIRE for that!  There are two ways to do this exercise.

Either way, safely light a candle or fire that can handle some paper or twigs burning.

You can either;

1) Write down what you are ready to release.. what limiting thoughts and beliefs about you and others? What untruths? Write these down, fold the papers and consciously burn them watching them and knowing you are releasing them as they burn.

2) Get little twigs and BLOW your intention of what you are ready to release into it. Consciously burn the twigs intending that you are releasing your intention as they burn. Please be safe with the fire, if you can let it burn out.  If you need to, wait until the paper or twigs have burned, then extinguish the fire. Journal afterward if thoughts came up during this practice. Thank the fire and moon for helping you release.

– Say the prayer/poem below and think about it as you say it. Mean it. Be ready to release and pay attention especially to the 5th (Throat) chakra which is all about truth. Repeat those two stanzas if you like.

Full Moon Prayer to Release and Balance the Chakras by Jenny Mannion 5/4/2023

On this day of the full moon

I choose to surrender and set myself free.

I am letting go of all that does not serve

So I can step into the highest version of me.


I am taking my power back

From the many people and instances I gave it to.

I am cleansing myself bottom to top

Surrendering all I have maneuvered through.


I’m beginning with my first chakra

The one that grounds me to the earth.

It is also the one holding beliefs not truly mine

That began coming in upon my birth.


I fully release beliefs and thoughts,

And constructs handed to me by others.

I am grateful for this planet I walk on

Nature and the Beautiful Earth Mother. 


The second chakra is calling

For me to bring it to a place of peace.

Out of balance this can cause passion,

abundance and any love of my body to cease.


I give permission for all negative thoughts

Ever experienced about my physical being,

sexuality and finances to disappear.

I call into balance this second chakra

Embracing creativity, my emotions, abundance

And am releasing all lingering fear.


The third, solar plexus chakra struggles for control

It is time to set that control free

I am tired of trying to make things go a certain way

I strive to allow things to simply unfold and be.


I am in my power,  I am worthy

I know the power of trusting my gut.

I process my emotions and am able to trust

I will find myself out of any rut.


The heart chakra holds so much

Every past relationships and associated pain.

I choose to release blame, shame, and guilt

In doing so, I have everything to gain.


I know I am worthy of a good life

I have done the best in every moment that I could.

I embrace my own and other’s journey with non-judgment.

I trust my heart and self to feel good.


The throat chakra rules authenticity, creativity

And speaking what I know to be true.

I release anyone, anything that has made it feel unsafe

To be creative, authentic and didn’t respect my views.


I embrace my creativity

It is safe to express myself from my soul.

I am authentic, in integrity, in full expression

Loving the feeling of being complete and whole.


The sixth chakra governs my intuition

How I see the world outside and within me

I release the old truths I might have held onto

I know I am learning and am open to truly see.


I am in touch with my inner guidance

That can never guide me wrong.

My sixth chakra and inner vision is clear

With that connection, I feel so strong.


I am grateful for my seventh chakra

That connects me to all but

Can also leave me feeling isolated.

I release the belief I am separate

Know my connection to nature

and others is to be celebrated.


I am present when I eat and in every moment

I become aware I am in the future or the  past.

I embrace that I am part of so much more

And encourage this feeling and connection to last.


I am grateful I can choose to purge the old

To embrace the new way I want my life to go.

I give gratitude for the blessings that will blossom

The more I continue to grow.


I give thanks to the planet, the people,

Nature, animals and all beings near and far

I give thanks to the sun, planets and moon

And to the millions and trillions of stars.


I am honored to be on this planet

For all of creation below and above

I release the old to embrace the new

Holding myself and all beings in love.

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