Focus Friday Card: You’ve Got to Have Faith! -

Focus Friday Card: You’ve Got to Have Faith!

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I pulled today’s Focus Friday card from The Divine Abundance Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver. Please take some time today or over the weekend to look over the card, description and exercises. Ask Yourself how you can invite in more Faith!

Card:  Faith

Affirmation: “Miraculously, amazingly, everything I need always comes. Love is opening me to perceive beyond anything I imagine”

Jenny’s Message and Exercise:  

What a beautiful affirmation and card! I know it can be very challenging to find faith when we are in trying times. But I also have learned (over and over again) that when I switch back to regaining my faith, THAT is when the magic happens. Gratitude I feel is the “magic sauce” that can help us transform back to faith. KNOWING there are things around us, people, nature, circumstances that PROVE all is okay (even if we tend to feel it is not). Returning to that place of deep gratitude and appreciation is a wonderful way to reclaim that faith!

Today is the New Moon in Taurus, it is a PERFECT time to embrace faith, gratitude and tell the Universe what you are ready for. Return to love! Pick 1 or more of the following exercises to embrace your faith that everything truly is and will be okay!


1). Gratitude – Spend 5 minutes, phone and distractions off. In nature is even better, if you can. Sit, close your eyes and bring to mind things you are grateful for – your home, foods you love, people that have been or are still in your life, your bed, etc. We can ALWAYS find things to be grateful for. if you like you can place your hand on your heart for this exercise. As you think of each thing, breathe in and feel that connection with the gratitude for the image you brought to mind, as you exhale, exhale out any restriction you feel. Do this for as long as is comfy AND bring to mind at least one quality of YOURS that you are grateful for. Bring a smile to your face. At the end. – take one long slow breath remembering  all you have to be grateful for, exhale out, thanking yourself for this time to sink into gratitude and appreciation and knowing it reaffirms your faith.

2.) Reflecting – Spend 5 minutes, phone and distractions off. Close your eyes. Bring to mind one time you felt challenged but made it through. Really feel into how it felt when you overcame that challenge. Give yourself a ton of credit knowing there might have been times during that challenge that you also doubted yourself, but you DID make it through!! PART of you had to have faith or you would have given up and NOT made it. Place both hands on your heart and affirm, “I have faith” and repeat the above affirmation as well, “Miraculously, amazingly, everything I need always comes. Love is opening me to perceive beyond anything I imagine”. Breathe that into your heart and exhale out any resistance you feel. 

3.) New Moon Ritual – There are so many ways to do a new moon ritual, but this site has one of my favorites for this time. Or you can invent your own. Make sure to include gratitude, love and faith!! 

Happy New Moon! I am sending MUCH LOVE and wishes for infinite Prosperity, Love and Health!

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