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I am so thrilled to announce my newest Akashic Reading which is so near and dear to my heart. I am now offering a Prosperity Reset Akashic Reading and Clearing. It comes with a 21 day prayer, a reading (at least 10 pages), a clearing, personalized affirmations, and extra tools to help you maintain a high vibration as you are calling in this new way of welcoming prosperity into your life. I have been on quite the journey with abundance in my own life, and these readings/clearings came through so quickly and so clear and shift energy so quickly! I have a new Akashic Page explaining more if you are interested in learning more.

All of our energies are changing so much and this truly is a time of being reborn – why not rewire our abundance to allow in the highest possible outcome? This is a PERFECT time to claim abundance and ease around prosperity. Because of that, I am offering a MUCH discounted rate now, through, Wednesday, May 31 at Midnight EST.

As you can see on my Prosperity ReSet Akashic Reading Page I offer two options for these readings:

  • Option A: Reading/Clearing/Audio – Receive a typed report (at least 10 pages), clearing, personalized affirmations, a 21 day clearing prayer, additional prosperity and peace tools, and a 10 minute audio summary.  USUALLY $333 now $222
  • Option B: Reading/Clearing/1/2 hour Session with Jenny – Receive all above  (except audio summary) – Instead receive 1/2 hour with me on zoom or phone to answer questions  USUALLY $444  Now $333

I am so excited to offer this and am thrilled to help others with prosperity. I am offering this reading at an introductory rate for the next couple of days. (Until Sunday, May 21, Midnight EST). This is a powerful time to order as we are also in the energy of the New Moon, this Friday. The Introductory rate is:

$222 for Option A: The Reading/Clearing and Audio or

$333 for Option B: Reading/Clearing/1/2 hour Q&A Call with me

ETA: Expect a 1-2 week turnaround for your reading. Sometimes it can be done faster and I will let you know an ETA as soon as you book the reading and email me with your information.

If you want to purchase one of these readings at the sale price there are a few options:

  1. Order through PayPal
  2. Order through Stripe: 
    Option A – Audio   
    Option B – 1/2 Hour With Jenny
  3. Pay through Venmo to @JennyLove365 or @JennyMannion (if you use this one be sure it is a pix of me as there are a few of us) 🙂

If you do not receive the information form upon checkout, PLEASE EMAIL ME at or and I can send you the form to fill out with the information I need, and give you an estimated time of delivery. Thank you! I am so excited to be on your prosperity journey with you! Sending many blessings!