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Taking time to Honor Ourselves AND a Discounted Property Clearing for Spring Cleaning

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The next week is one of a lot of emotional triggers for me – so I am changing things up a bit. Tuesday, May 9 marks 3 years since my mom has passed, and boy I miss her. Mother’s Day is Sunday the 14 (another day I will be missing her as every mother’s day for 50 years we spent celebrating together), and Tuesday, May 16th is my friend Markie’s bday (he passed a couple years before my mom, I called him brother and he truly was that to me). So, I know with a week of emotional dates coming up, I need to care for and support myself. I have taken this Tuesday off and will spend it with my youngest making eggplant (one of the dishes my mom taught me to make and my kids love), listening to music my mom and I listened to together and truly feeling into the day and how to honor the best friend I ever had.

I tell you all this because if you are a part of my free community “Re-Awaken You”, you know Tuesdays I hold space and send energy to those that request it and their loved ones, and the second Tuesday of every month, I usually spend even more time sending energy.. and take it is at a set time (2PM EST) so you can actually lay down and feel the energy I am sending. I am rescheduling Transcendence Tuesday and my monthly energy session. For the next two weeks… Transcendence Tuesday will be honored on Wednesday and for my monthly energy session.. that will be this Wednesday the 10th.

I also tell you this as a reminder to honor yourself. I know “old Jenny” would have kept things as they were and would have told myself to “push through” or “suck it up”. But I have learned over the last few years, especially since my mom passed, that there is nothing more important than honoring ourselves and what our body, mind and spirits are calling for.

I have a thread within my re-awaken you community to request energy and yes, I also ask you keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers this week too.

I am so grateful I will get to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my 2 kids and will spend a lot of time this week honoring and thinking about the love I had in my life, with my own mom, with my friend/soul brother Markie. I have had a lot of love in my life, and am so grateful I still DO have a lot of love in my life. I have the best partner I could have ever imagined – and we celebrate 9 years together later this month. We have such beautiful people as children (all 4 of them are people I truly love and admire), we also are blessed to love all their partners and get to witness them so happy in relationships. I have amazing friends, colleagues and clients that consistently fill my heart with love. AND it is Spring time in upstate NY and finally feeling like it – our lilacs are blooming and we can get out for walks daily!  There is so much to be grateful for and yet, I do also want to honor any sadness or grief that MAY come up. And to give myself time to celebrate the love!

Aligned with “Spring cleaning” is my discount for a property clearing. When we are inside all winter sometimes we can unintentionally place negative thoughts on our home, “feeling stuck in”, things that break, home repairs we are waiting to do along with all the energy that has previously been in the space from any previous owners. Any arguments or even bad dreams that have occurred. When I facilitate a property clearing, I now also include setting intentions for 5-9 “qualities” you want imbued into the property in the Akashic records.. things like health, prosperity, peace, etc. These clearings are usually $250 but this week to honor that Spring cleaning and Mother’s Day – are $125. You can pay me via Venmo @JennyLove365, or @JennyMannion (but if you use this one make sure it is a picture of me – as there are a LOT of Jenny Mannions). Or via paypal:  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/jennymannion.  Or Stripe/Credit card: https://buy.stripe.com/eVa3ep3GT4Ss1qgdQZ     Then, Email me at jenny@jennymannion.com or jennifer.mannion@gmail.com with your property address, the names of ALL people AND pets living in the property as well as 5-9 qualities you would like imbued. I will facilitate the clearing and send you a report. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have. I love the results of these – they are palpable and it can truly allow for new energy to enter your home. If you want more info on the property clearing you can explore that here: https://jennymannion.com/energy-healing-services/akashic/

I am wishing all of you a wonderful week and am sending lots of love. Please remember this is an extremely sensitive time energetically – make sure you are returning to LOVE, JOY and Laughter as often as possible!