Focus Friday: Full Moon – time for Release and Completion

Focus Friday: Full Moon – time for Release and Completion

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Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron Reid and Marcela Lobos. Illustrations by: Jenna DellaGrottaglia This reflects this perfect full moon time to release and to think about what has come to completion. 

Please take some time today to reflect on the image, meaning, and my words and exercises and see what comes up. Journal if possible after to note what came to mind. With tomorrow bing a Full Moon, it is a perfect time for this kind of reflection.

Card: #9 Completion

The Essence: All things have a beginning, middle and an end. This is the nature of life – the seed, the flower, and the fruit – and all of human relationships. Completion suggests the fullness of the moment and the need to transform the old into the new.

The Invitation: You have finished a cycle, and there is no more growth or benefit from hanging on to the old. In regard to relationships, it is time to honor what has be

en and find a new form for the future. In your ventures, it is time to reap your harvest. Completion is a time for celebration. It is the end of summer when the fruit is ripe.

The Medicine: Clinging to the old form will bring only decay. When fruit is left too long on the vine, it rots. You know that it is time to move on, yet are reluctant. Do not be afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Remember that you are responsible for your actions, not the actions of others. Mourn what is lost so you can move on. Do not be sad; be like the sun at midday who shines brightly, neither longing for sunrise nor dreading the dusk.

Jenny’s Message and Exercise: With the full moon tomorrow, we are truly in the energy of noticing and releasing what no longer serves us. This can be a pattern, behavior, “Story” we’ve told ourselves and sometimes a recalibration or letting go of a relationship. It can feel really hard to “let go”, believe me I KNOW. Us humans cling to the familiar because of the comfort it offers, no matter HOW UNCOMFY it actually is.

The hardest part of my journey these last 17 years since healing HAS been the “letting go”. Letting go of close relationships I thought I would have forever. I had to let go of some things that brought me comfort, letting go of old ways of thinking that I would have defended before. But this is all about growth and you becoming the best and highest version of yourself. If you cling to the old, there is no way for the new to come in. If you cling to the past it is like Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

We need to love ourselves enough to know we deserve more. More than perhaps then we grew up believing we could have, more than society tells us we are worthy of, more than we have been repeating to ourselves is even possible. We all deserve to feel at peace, love, joy and a sense of stability.

If we are repeating patterns that don’t serve us, or keep attracting the same kind of relationships in without healthy boundaries – we are effectively telling ourselves “we are not worthy”.

Only YOU can truly give yourself that permission and the full moon is a wonderful time to assess what IS and what is NOT working in your life in all aspects; within yourself. Body, mind and soul, within your relationships, within your career, within your day to day activities, within your relationship with money, within how you wake up every single morning feeling about life itself.

You have been through so much and you deserve happiness and well being. The time is NOW to notice what is complete and release it. So you can have your arms wide open to receive what is ready to come in. Release with love, honoring what has been, because it has served a purpose and place in your life, bringing you to where you are now. Ready, and willing to take the next steps forward, celebrate and reap rewards for your journey.

– Sit or lie down and get comfy. Take some slow, centering breaths and close your eyes.
– Place your hand on your heart and give yourself a huge thank you, FEELING it for you being right where you are right now.
– Take a few moments to think of the people, habits, patterns and activities in your day to day life. Bring a smile to your face as you do so and please look at this with non-judgment, just noticing.
– As you bring the people, day to day activities to mind, notice what brings you JOY and what does not. Maybe you drag yourself to the gym every morning but long to take a dance class or walk in nature instead.
Perhaps you have been telling yourself a relationship is necessary even though you feel very negative after each encounter and it takes you a while to recover after spending time with this person. It could be that you have been “meaning to” eat better, speak kinder to yourself, or look for a job that is more rewarding” but just haven’t been able to get around to it.
– Take some time, asking your breath to be slow as you bring things to mind.
– Ask yourself the following questions?  Is there anything you need to let go of to bring your mind more peace? What do you need to release to bring your body more into balance? Is there something you need to address to make your spirit feel more alive?
– As you ask these questions, again, no judgment, notice and breathe into them. Ask yourself what is ONE thing that feels the most important right now?  What would life look like on the other side if this was changed?  FEEL into that answer – would it bring more joy, peace, health, time??  Ask yourself how you can celebrate releasing this thing with LOVE for the part it played in your life and for the lessons learned.
– Take some breaths and feel the excitement of being on the other side and the love for this person, behavior or pattern and how it served you to this point. Make a plan to celebrate somehow saying goodbye and releasing as you make room for what is next with excitement. Give yourself an inner hug as you make a commitment to yourself to take ONE step towards this next step on your journey.

I am sending much love your way for the full moon.

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