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Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from the The Akashic Tarot Deck by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor. Please take some time to look at the picture, read the messages and do one or more of the exercises. Ask yourself what being a Light in the World means to you. Sending you much love for the weekend!

Card: 10 The Light of the World

An old Sage holds a glowing lantern and knocks on a door with no latch. A young man inside is too distracted to answer the knock. Your Divine Being is trying to get your attention. All it takes is a moment of your awareness to open the door.

Though your life may be busy, the opportunity now presents itself for you to move into higher awareness. It’s a great time to open to your Higher Self and all its wisdom and powers. It is your Soul, your Eternal Being, who approaches.  But it is up to you – and only you – to open the door.

You do that by taking real and regular action in knowing (and feeling) the wise and radiant being that you are forever. Through meditation and study, you can own that enormous love, power and vision. You can make every day sacred by going within. Once you do, you will know a radiant and greater power in every step and with every word. You will be able to bring this magnificent force to your world, changing your life forever.

Exercise: With a deep breath, you fill yourself with the grace and peace and light of your Higher Self. Your vision open to a wider Universe. And you realize that you have all the time, and power – in the world. Eternity fills you. 

Jenny’s Message and Exercise:  After 909 days of consecutive meditation, I can STILL use this message.  Riiiight, focus on the LIGHT!! Michael Singer talks of the noisy roommate in our heads… the one that complains, talks incessantly and wants to focus on the problems…

We all have one and it truly is NOT where we get our power from. IF we begin to actually BELIEVE that noisy and, let’s face it, “annoying” roommate – we will feel disempowered and not be standing in our own power. These messages come from past stories, experiences and possibly words and actions of OTHERS and are NOT our Truth. But the ego will do a pretty good job of trying to convince ourselves it is.

We get STUCK, whether it be in a career or financial challenge, a relationship or health challenge, or perhaps a general unhappiness and we don’t even know why.  The outside world will give you a lot of “proof” if you are focused on it. Proof that the world is screwed up and you have no power. But that could not be further than the truth!

We can only truly make the world outside us a kinder gentler place by going within. When we feel like we are connected, have some kind of power over our lives… all around us benefit and the world at large benefits. The truth is – it truly beings with each and every one of us. Knowing our thoughts are truly very important as they are creating energy and forming or perpetuating our lives. With the average person having between 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day.  95% the same as yesterday and 80% negative. That gives us a whole lotta wiggle room for improvement. AND our Higher Self will ONLY give us empowering, positive, loving and light filled messages.

We benefit by tuning inward and pushing MUTE on the noisy roommate. If only for a few moments a day, it gets easier and easier and we begin to feel more and more empowered. We start to HEAR when that noisy roommate wants to pipe in and we can gently say “SSSHHHH” and show ourselves some compassion as we CHOOSE our thoughts instead.

We all have windows of time.. the shower, lying in bed before you fall asleep or when you get up, to “tune inward”. The more you make it a regular habit – the more your Soul will awaken to your inner power and you will feel more unconditional love and that noisy roommate will truly move out with only occasional visits and YOU get to choose whether two open that door or not.

You are so much more powerful than you ever were told. It does NOT have to be that hard but it will take your awareness to turn off distractions and tune into yourself, your true self for the answers, guidance and love that is waiting for you all the time.

Exercise: Get settled in a comfy spot and slow your breath. Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and take a few more moments to feel into the space you are in. Ask yourself one message that your noisy roommate keeps repeating.. maybe it’s that you’ll never have enough money, aren’t ever going to find a partner, you need to watch more news to be “informed” etc. Anything that maybe you say to yourself citing examples from the past or “justifying” as truth, even though part of you knows it can be different. When you have a message I want you to ask yourself, if this is true”?  I also want you to ask yourself what is the opposite of this message. Notice what comes to mind and give yourself a lot of credit for asking. I want you to picture the loud roommate and see yourself gently asking them to quiet down. Breathe into your heart and now ask your Higher self to give you the strength to believe this new statement. Repeat this new statement over and over a few times. As you inhale, say the statement in your mind and see yourself filling with light, as you exhale, exhale out any resistance you have to it being true. Ask your higher self if there is anything you can do today or over the next few days to take a step to feel the truth of this new statement. Take the first thing that comes to mind even if it SEEMS unrelated. You might get guidance to take a walk, a bath, connect with someone, take a mindfulness class, TRUST whatever you receive and know your Higher self ONLY gives positive advice and encouragement. Anything less – it is coming from a different place. Thank your higher self for the guidance, thank your noisy roommate for quieting down a bit, thank yourself for taking this time, recall the advice and statement given, and sit with it until you feel ready to open your eyes.

Exercise: Point to yourself. Yup – that’s it – point to yourself – without thinking… !  Now, where did you point? Your heart? About 99.9% of people point there – NOT their brain. You inherently KNOW you are your heart, your soul, but the brain can get in the way! Place your hands on your heart and ask yourself one way you can connect with your higher self today and over the next few days.. maybe it is by a walk in nature, perhaps it is by doing something that brings you JOY! Take that guidance and commit to yourself that you will take that action over the next few days.

Monday is the Full Moon – a wonderful time to connect with your higher self and show yourself some LOVE. Ask yourself what you are so ready to release and what you are ready to bring in! Ask yourself how you can bring more light into your life!

I know sometimes it can be hard to get out of the mind. Sometimes it helps to get that validation of who we truly are at soul level to connect deeper with our Higher Self. I use my learnings of the last almost 20 years to help my clients connect with their gifts and the beauty and love within themselves at soul level.

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