Focus Friday: We are Never Stuck – Flow Like a Waterfall

Focus Friday: We are Never Stuck – Flow Like a Waterfall

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Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from The Akashic Tarot Deck by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor.  Please take some time today and over the weekend to examine the image and read the message.  Please do one or more of the exercises that help you tap into this energy.

IF the card inspires you to take some kind of action or to write down thoughts – please trust your intuition and do so. Ask yourself how you can regain the flow of a waterfall. 

Todays Card: 6 of Forces: The Waterfall

Meaning: A towering waterfall roars down into a beautiful body of water. This card reminds you of your incredible personal power and supports you in opening up to the force within. Know that you are a dynamo in the Universe. You have the ability to shape any situation in a way that honors you and moves your life forward.

The element of water, is fluid, like the waterfall, your personal energy never stops. Your life force is never-ending, it springs from your eternal past and roars into your limitless future. It extends into the farthest reaches of the Universe. It is a time of deep thought and even deeper emotions, as well as an expansion of energy. Use this time to act on these and tap into your power that is ever flowing.

Exercise: With a deep breath, fill every part of your being with the energy of a great waterfall. Feel the power that electrifies and lights the world pouring through you. How do you want to use it today?

Jenny’s Message and Exercises:

I LOVE waterfalls! My boyfriend and I frequently will base hikes and trips around waterfalls. There is such peace, power and beauty in them. To watch the water cascade over the rocks, work its way through the crevices and to witness the way it bubbles, and collects as it keeps flowing, is magical to me.

WE ALL also have the ability to be magical and to be in flow. Connecting with nature is certainly a way to feel that inner power and connection. Water is such a healing element and I have written several posts on doing mindfulness exercises in the shower and by water because of this.

We can feel so “stuck” sometimes. Believe me, I have felt it and I can still notice it wanting to creep its way into my life at times. But we are NEVER truly STUCK.  Our mind might be stuck, repeating the past as if trying to prove it to us, telling us there is “no way” we can get out of this and showing us all the ways “it won’t work out”. But that is truly BS and our soul, our higher self knows there is ALWAYS a way out of any situation.

Us humans ARE mostly water and we are meant to be in flow… If we can move past the distraction of our mind and connect within or to nature.. we truly can regain that flow, just as the waterfall is always flowing.. even if there is a “drought” and it is brought to a trickle… it IS flowing.

Exercises: 1) Get to a place in nature, a stream, river or waterfall, somewhere with movement and watch the flow of the water. Focus on the flow and really connect to that movement. Take some slow breaths and think about an area of your life you may have felt stuck. Ask yourself as you watch the water – what is meant to be learned and how can you switch up this energy to regain some flow. What is one step you can take today or very soon to get things moving?  Wait for the answer to bubble up and know the easy positive minded messages are the ones from source. You will not be given any negative messages.. you will feel that support and flow when you are connected. Thank the water snd yourself for taking this time.

2) In the shower, become very conscious of the water flowing down from your head, all the way down your body. Feel into the water and thank it for cleansing you. Feel like you are part of a waterfall, the water, coursing down your body as it does the rocks. As it does truly feel that sensation and the flow of it. Now ask the water and yourself if there is any step that comes to mind to take to regain flow in whatever area of your life has perhaps felt a little stuck lately?Please don’t doubt the answer… it can be as simple as take a walk, take a nap, call this person etc. Intuition usually comes in short, positive bursts. Thank the water for this insight and once again, feel into that flow of water through your body,. Tell yourself you ARE in flow and are excited to take whatever step came to mind. Thank yourself for taking this time.

Please do one or all of these 3 exercises – whatever calls to you and take notes after on what came up. The more we affirm to ourselves we are in flow instead of repeating how stuck we are.. the easier and quicker we return to flow.

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