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Inviting More Balance Into Your Life

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Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from The Akashic Tarot Deck by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor. 7 of Forces – Balance Please take some time to look at the picture, read the description and exercises and take what resonates. Also, as you look at the picture ask yourself if there are any other messages that come to YOU. How can YOU invite more balance into your life?  This weekend is the New Moon and it is a beautiful time to tap into your inner wisdom and get clear on what you are ready to invite in and receive in your life.

Card: 7 of Forces – Balance

Meaning: This card reveals a time of harmony, justice and balance in your life. A desk holds balanced scales, scrolls, and stacks of papers. Shelves of book grace a wall where a door opens onto a light filled room. This card indicates a time of balance is at hand. All systems – through the body, through nature, and through society – seek to achieve balance. Stop and consider the parts of your life that you can bring into greater balance. During this time, the Universe helps you to do so.

You may have to confront important legal issues. You may have to deal with paperwork of some kind, or there may be a need for legal action regarding property, inheritance, work contracts, custody or divorce. Be patient and pay attention to details, as technicalities will be important right now. But things bode well, justice is at hand. Take heart at the sight of the golden light that washes over the scene, a sign that all issues will come to light and that a beneficial and just resolution is coming your way.

Justice is balance in society, but the Akashic Records show that justice is not limited strictly to court and contract situations. Justice and reciprocity are energetic, so the energy you put forth now will return to you in the future. Remember your energy production is up to you. Continue to be aware of your thoughts and actions. Inner balance now leads to a beautiful destiny tomorrow.

Akashic Force Exercise: Close your eyes and see yourself putting on the robes of a court judge. Look upon any situation in your like that requires a balanced understanding. Whether it is an actual legal matter or any other kind of situation, see it with the wisdom of Solomon and determine what to do next.

Jenny’s message and exercise: Balance, sigh; it is something I feel I am always striving for and the Universe must feel like I REALLY need it, as my son, dad and partner are all Libras. Not only that but a lot of my closest friends are also Libras, which is the sign of balance and the scales. I also have Libra as my Moon sign.

There are so many aspects to life – our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and relationships… balancing them can feel like a juggling act sometimes. Within all these aspects there are also many facets – for example the physical – is exercise, what we are eating and drinking, sleep and more. But I feel as long as WE return to a place of peace and can look at these areas of our life and see what might need a little extra attention – we can always return to a feeling of balance and well being.

So many times we don’t notice one area is out of balance until our body or emotions present in a way where we HAVE to notice. It is to our advantage to check in BEFORE we get to that point and tune into what needs some extra love, compassions and a return to balance in our lives.

The New Moon this weekend offers such a beautiful opportunity to truly go within and check in with the areas that ARE in balance in our lives and the areas that can maybe use a little more love and attention. What DOES balance even look like to you? KNOWING is the first step to taking action to make it so. I am wishing you much balance and infinite blessings for this New Moon and beyond.

Exercise: Get comfy, close your eyes, and intend your breath to slow or do a breathing technique that brings you into balance. (Box breathing works for me – but it is what works for YOU – Box breathing is breathing in for 4, holding for 4, exhaling for 4 and holding for 4 – repeat at least 3 times). Bring your hands to your heart and ask yourself what area of your life can use some more balance. Maybe it is that you have not been making enough time for your physical self. Perhaps you have not had ANY social time and are missing being around people. Maybe it is that you have neglected your alone and relaxation time. We know when we tune in, what can feel out of balance. Bring it to mind, but please do not judge or beat yourself up about it. Take some slow breaths and picture what it would look like IF that area of your life was in balance. Really picture – what emotions are you feeling, what does it look like, feel like, sound like?? Then, ask yourself ONE step you can take to bring this area of your life into a greater state of balance. Take some time to truly receive this answer. Give yourself a “thank you” for this tune in, taking test time, and for the awareness of this next step. Commit to yourself that you will take this step over the next few days or week and again, thank yourself. Repeat this with a few areas of your life, if need be. Awareness is power and with that power you can truly bring your life into a greater state of balance.

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