Manifesting Heaven on Earth is Something EACH of Us Can Do!

Manifesting Heaven on Earth is Something EACH of Us Can Do!

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What does living like Heaven is on Earth look like?  This has been a question that has been on my mind the last 18 years, since beginning this spiritual and deeper personal development journey. When I started to do the spiritual work in the Akashic Records, I remember not wanting to “come back” from the deep meditative state. It felt like absolute unconditional love and beauty. The return back to reality felt harsh. I knew I had to make my personal life more aligned with that unconditional love and Heaven energy I felt when in deep meditation.

We’ve all had those moments. Maybe it was in nature during a walk or watching a beautiful sunset. Perhaps it was making every green light and feeling in flow. Maybe it was when involved in a passion or hobby. Perhaps it was being with friends or family and laughing and feeling so much love and connection. We all have different occurrences that make us feel that deep flow state and love. My mom was also that for me. Every morning when we spoke, no matter what was going on in my 3D life, she made me feel loved, laugh and made all a little lighter.  When she passed 3 years ago, it was a deeper dive for me into what TRULY made life feel like I was living Heaven on Earth.

Good relationships make me feel that way. With my partner, with my kids, with my friends, with my family, with my clients and other loves ones. Feeling in flow with the work I am doing with clients makes me feel that way. Nature always makes me feel that way – hikes with my love or with friends and exploring new places. Time connecting through writing or dance makes me Heavenly. Being in flow, cooking a good meal with my partner and having it turn out AMAZINGLY YUMMY makes me feel that way.

We are all so different and my Heaven on Earth can look very different than yours but have some overlapping features.  Feeling content and happy, having trust everything is exactly as it should be, loving life in this moment no matter what seems to be going on outside us, and embracing flow, peace and serenity.

A little over a year ago I took myself off a site where I got 80-90% of my clients. I had been working with clients with late stage cancer for over 15 years and after my mom passed, it was just too triggering. It was causing me to remember her as she was sick for those 7 months instead of the other 50 years I had with her. It was HUGE leap of faith to take myself off of that site. I loved my work with cancer clients and their families but knew it was taking an emotional toll on me – so how could I show up for them 100%? It no longer felt like that was my Heaven on Earth but was an effort and was depleting me. I still knew I would work with clients with cancer and other diseases. I also knew I could help people going through other things and wanted to invite people with other challenges that I could help in. What a journey it led me on!! Wow!  “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” and boy most of the time it will unfold in ways you never thought it would.

I had some more relationships fall away from me, and invited in new ones that felt like family I knew my whole life. Made time and gave myself permission to take even more classes to dive into other areas of spirituality I had not embraced previously. I learned about the Kaballah, Angels and more. I dove deeper into the Akashic Records than I ever allowed myself. For myself and my clients and received even more AHA moments and a deeper connection to the work than I have felt in my 16 years facilitating readings. I released a LOT of anger, grief, shame, blame, victimhood, and truly began to trust on a whole new level.

Recognition landed that I was becoming more of myself and happier than I had been since before my mom has passed, and literally happier than I have been on ALL levels in my whole life. I never thought that was possible without my mom and still miss her every single day. But I also honor the relationship we had and the fact that 50 years of unconditional love is such a blessing and I focus on that gift.  I am also so blessed to have a loving partner that represents and reflects that unconditional love and am blown away that after 9 years it still continues to blossom and get even more incredible.

This journey has led me to soul connections and projects working with people that are so gifted, intelligent, connected, authentic and truly are here to help the world become that Heaven on Earth. My work within Self Worth Now (A program designed to help you embrace your self worth with 8 amazing energy workers also providing support in the background) has been amazing. My new workshop coming in September even inspired me to write a poem, which I will post below. The workshop is co-facilitated with my brilliant friend Seana Zelazo and is called, “The Art of Alchemy: Activating Your Heart and Third Eye to Manifest Heaven on Earth”.  This self discovery work has also led to me having 3 of my stories published within the Common Sentience Series by Sacred Stories Publishing. I am sooo deeply blessed!!!

When you create your own Heaven on Earth not only will you wake up every morning, excited for the day, but you are in a MUCH healthier place to help others from. Others around you FEEL your joy and you are giving from a place of a filled cup instead of an empty one. A place of unconditional love – which is a beautiful place to give and receive from.

Below is the poem I wrote inspired by the class. I would love to know what YOUR Heaven on Earth looks like. The more you get clear on it – the more you can call it to you. I also have launched a Resources Page with recommendations – for books, videos, products and more… I feel very privileged to have such people in my circle and have been told one of my gifts is connection.. the resources page is to connect you with people I know are authentic and helping to make life Heaven on Earth.

If I can help you in any way – a 15 minute consultation call, an Akashic Reading, or by you joining one of the projects I am passionate about like Self Worth Now or my Workshop with Seana on Claiming your own Heaven on Earth – or if you have ANY questions… PLEASE reach out!! I love to connect and if my work resonates with you – please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

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Poem: “The Art of Alchemy: Activating Your Heart and Third Eye to Manifest Heaven on Earth

In the realm where magic intertwines,
A journey to heaven, where the heart shines.
With Third Eye’s wisdom and the Heart chakra’s grace,
We’ll manifest a world that feels like a comforting embrace.

Thursdays at noon, in September’s glow,
A path illuminated, secrets to bestow.
Guided by stars and the sun’s gentle ray,
Heaven on Earth, where dreams will find their way.

From within the chalice of the sixth chakra’s light,
Discerning truths beyond day and night.
Seeing ourselves in clarity’s embrace,
Shedding limitations, finding our Divine space.

Binoculars of soul, adjusted with care,
Revealing Heaven on Earth, a truth that can feel rare.
Past triggers lose power, illusions fade,
Us sharing and “remembering” deep wisdom, a new path is made.

Affirmations, letting truth resonate strong,
A melody of self, feeling we truly belong.
Psychic senses awaken, senses anew,
A symphony of being, in every hue.

Havening’s gentle touch, a soothing balm,
Resetting our spirits, inviting tranquil calm.
Releasing the grip of what’s “out there,”
Embracing the present, living life as a prayer.

In the heart’s sacred chamber, love takes its stand,
A journey of healing, learning to hold your own hand.
Self-worth blooms like a fragrant bloom,
Forgiveness blossoms, making new room.

Gratitude’s dance, a waltz with the heart,
Transforming our worlds, a magical art.
From within to without, love’s light extends,
Creating Heaven on Earth, where joy never ends.

With each spoken word, the fifth chakra’s grace,
A reality imprinted, a sacred space.
Manifesting dreams with conscious voice,
Building a world where we truly rejoice.

Embracing ritual and the magic always available
Knowing joy, love and trust is truly scalable.
Seeing how we all are connected and do know the way
Appreciating life is meant to be about happiness and play.

The journey of heaven, a personal call,
Within us, it resides, standing tall.
Awakening to magic and alchemy, a symphony’s birth,
Heaven on Earth, a treasure of worth.