The Power and Energy of a Circle - jennymannion
I’ve loved teaching in circle since I began teaching almost 18 years ago The power of the group is so much more than I can offer on my own. We all have had so many different experiences and the more people in the group, the more probable it is we have all been through very similar moments, but yet we each have our own perspectives and things we have learned.  I am so excited that my work has seemed to come full circle, back to having many circles in my life I am a part of.

My birthday wish is that you join me in one of them. Whether it be Self Worth Now, where you do some powerful daily work on your own, and receive energy for 8 experienced energy workers including myself. This is just the BEGINNING of this circle… there will be so much more offered within this platform but wow I already am feeling the power of it!

And/or the class I am offering with my good friend Seana. “The Art of Alchemy: Activating Your Heart and Third Eye to Manifest Heaven on Earth” Seana and I have had so much fun putting this class together and picturing us all in circle. We will be sharing some powerful exercises, activations, tools and rituals together and cannot wait to hear about your own experiences. We know we will also learn from each person that joins this circle with us and are honored to have you join us!

So as my 54th year begins tomorrow August 17, in this New Moon energy – It is my birthday wish and hope to see you in one of these circles. So we can learn from one another and connect on a deeper level. I truly feel this time is about joining together – we’ve been separated enough. To learn from one another, to embrace one another, to love one another and to celebrate one another.  To enter this new age together, stronger with the energy of the circle.

Please join me in the Self Worth Now Circle: 

Please join me in Circle with with Seana, “The Art of Alchemy: Activating Your Heart and Third Eye Chakra” 

I also wrote the below poem about the circle. 🙂 Enjoy!! Sending lots of love!!

The Circle by Jenny Mannion 8/16/2023

Being in circle fills my heart

Each person holds jewels of truth

Stories, experience, learnings

Which began in everyone’s youth.


We can learn so much from one another

When we put judgment aside

We’ve all made it through challenges and traumas

We have all been on one heck of a ride.


I love the energy of a circle

When you hear a story that resonates within

It is a remembrance of how similar we all are

No matter how different our journeys have been.


There is compassion that comes in opening up

Allowing our vulnerability to show

By digging deep within and sharing

We allow ourselves to grow.


So many of us have kept parts hidden

For fear they could not be loved by another

But we truly are “walking each other home” as Ram Das said

We get to acknowledge we are sisters and brothers.


Circles allow for tears and laughs

A microcosm of the oneness we can feel

We get to hold space for one another

Go deep, be authentic and real.


No one is above another in a circle

It is round and there is a flow

The energy travels through each one of us

Hopefully we each feel safe enough to “let go”.


Sometimes it is powerful to sit back and observe

We can learn from listening and holding space

The circle allows for time to be present

To hold each other in a state of grace.


As we go around the circle we recognize

We are all more similar that we might have believed

We can share some wounds, some healing stories

Feel more love for ourselves and others then we may have conceived.


  1. Suzie Cheel

    Jenny Happy Birthday , I love your poem and it resonates with me Yes in circles we lean and grow , to let go and heal wjile we accknowledge out self worth xxoo

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much Suzie!! I was so happy to read the post about art… poetry and writing is that for me.. when we find what enlivens us it is so important to embrace it!! Being in circles also fills my heart!! So nice to see your comment. Sending lots of love!

  2. Efrat

    Happy Birthday Dear Jenny. I love your poam, and am so grateful to be in a circle with you.

    • jennymannion

      Thank you so much Efrat!! I am deeply grateful to be in circle with you too! Sending much love! xo