One Thousand Days of Meditation Jennifer Mannion

One Thousand Days of Meditation

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Today marked 1,000 consecutive days of meditation! I am kinda amazed and very proud I have been able to keep this going. There were many times that it would have been VERY easy to say “nope, I guess that’s over”. Times when away on vacation, while sick with Covid, busy work times, but I CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE not to. This almost 3 year period of daily meditation, has been two decades in the making. I truly was not sure it would ever be such an integral part of my life so that I would not miss a day, NO MATTER WHAT. Even though I always knew how much better it made me feel.

It’s so interesting that we KNOW things that make us feel good – body, mind and soul. This differs for everyone and THAT is also so beautiful!  My vision of Heaven on Earth might be the VASTLY different than yours. That’s what makes this journey so very interesting! 

Today, was also the last day of co-leading an amazing workshop on creating Heaven on Earth. My co-facilitator and good friend Seana, truly made it feel like a Heaven on Earth experience leading this.  We worked together effortlessly and had so many laughs and AHA moments along the way. I love teaching things I am passionate about. I love offering tools for others to truly embrace their gifts, move through resistance, past trauma and claim the lives they deserve. It does not mean it is always EASY to walk the talk and show up every day for myself, even when I know these tools DO work!!

I get triggered, by situations that come up. Sometimes, I feel triggered by the world at large but also know STAYING in that energetic space of angst serves NO ONE. Meditation helps bring me back into flow and is the way I begin the day. Sometimes before and sometimes after my walk in nature with my partner/love. After losing my mom I lost my daily morning assured laughter and way of looking at the world through unconditional love as my mom did. Her morning calls could have me laughing at even what I might have been my biggest “life crisis” of the moment. She had a way to lighten every conversation with her insight, wit and yup, sometimes very off colored humor and language. (If you knew my mom I am sure one of her comments or her own amazing laughter comes to mind) LOL

Meditation doesn’t necessarily bring in laughter (though sometimes it truly does). But it does bring in the peace and joy that my mom brought in. Meditation brings in that unconditional love when I get out of my head and into my heart. I know losing her on this plane, was a catalyst for me sticking with this meditation routine. Yet another gift she has given me, after 50 years of filling my life with joy, laughter and love.

It’s hard to give ourselves credit, there is always so much more to do after all. LOL. But I wanted to acknowledge this for myself and to encourage you to show up for yourself, however that looks FOR YOU. If you love nature – get out in it. Do you feel overwhelmed and want to start a meditation practice? The first step is starting and perhaps trying different techniques until you find one that feels easy for YOU. If you love to dance  – put on some music in your living room and get moving.  There are always ways that our soul is calling to us but it can’t MAKE US DO ANYTHING. We need to listen, we need to remember what LIGHTS US UP or brings us back to flow and love ourselves enough to give ourselves to do those things – no matter what!

Tomorrow is the most powerful full moon of the year – it is in the sign of Aries. It is a perfect time to ask yourself what you are ready to release and what are ready to step into. For example if you know you want to meditate but come up with excuses of time etc. Write down the top 5 reasons you don’t meditate. Then toss that list into the fire with the intention of knowing this is important enough for you to make time for. You could meditate in the shower, before bed, etc… in letting go – you make room for the new. What can you release to give yourself permission to take that ext step toward joy, peace and love?? You are soooo worth it and I am cheering you on!! Sending much love your way!

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