Gratitude – The Seed for a Magical Life -

Gratitude – The Seed for a Magical Life

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Gratitude has helped me heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It truly is the ingredient for a magical life. I wrote this poem after meditating today which was – the day before Thanksgiving.

Gratitude written by Jenny 11/22/2023

Gratitude is the seed

That helps our joy to grow

It plants love and appreciation

Connecting us to flow.

People tend to focus

On negativity and what is wrong

But that feeds disempowerment, weakness

Instead of feeling empowered and strong.

In a world that is rapidly changing

It can feel we have little control over our mind

So much distraction and news

Gratitude can feel hard to find.

But we all have things to be grateful for

We woke up today and get to breathe air

We have compassion in our hearts

People, animals and causes for which we care.

We might feel guilty feeling grateful

Witnessing what so many have to endure

But by focusing on gratitude

We add to being the love and the cure.

Start with the small things

When you get out of bed

Embrace being mindful

At the thoughts in your head.

Are you paying attention

To the little gifts that surround you?

Have you given yourself credit

For all you have made it through?

Even a few moments of gratitude

Can water that seed

You get to choose to limit it

Or help it feed.

When that sprout begins to grow

You truly notice life’s changes

Your day begins to feel easier

With less extreme mood ranges.

When it breaks through the ground

Your appreciative thoughts give it sun

Life will hand you blessings

And you will start to have more fun.

It doesn’t take hours to pay gratitude

You have every second to make that choice

A few moments here and there

Truly give your life a new voice.

When you are leading with gratitude

Blessings truly abound

Then you have more to offer others

Feels a new lease on life has been found.

As the stem grows and the bud forms

Gratitude becomes a routine

You’ve witnessed things shifting

Feel more heard and seen.

When you’ve made gratitude a daily habit

the flower is in bloom

You notice how much lighter you feel

How your heart seems to have much more room.

What a beautiful world it would be

If we all paid gratitude often

We would connect in oneness and love

ALL of our hearts would soften.

It begins with you today

take a few moments to go within

I promise soon after

You’ll feel your heart and soul grin.

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  1. Efrat

    Jenny, gratitude is the seed and then the branches and the roots. Thank you for how you walk, the example you set, and the gifts you share with all of us.

    • jennymannion

      Hi Efrat,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am so very grateful to be on this journey with you. I am sending you so much love! xoxoxo