Soulful Alchemy: Transformative Poems for the Soul -

Soulful Alchemy: Transformative Poems for the Soul

Book Release, Forgiveness, Healing, Inspirational

My poetry book, “Soulful Alchemy: Transformative Poems for the Soul” is now available through amazon!  The end of last year a good friend, and fellow author, the beautiful Seana Zelazo suggested I gather all my poems together in a book. When I went to check, I was surprised to see I had over 40 poems I had written in the last few years. Since, I have written a few more and I have bundled them into this collection. It was always been healing for me to write poetry and many of my clients have said they felt shifts when reading my work.

Poetry has always been in my life, as both my parents wrote, and I remember having a poem of mine read on the radio in NYC in 3rd grade. It is a passion and I am grateful to be able to share this with others. It is my hope this book offers contemplation, tools and a deeper opening of the reader’s heart to unconditional love for self and for the world. I have self published and designed the cover and it is has been a journey!  I also get to birth my new married name with this book; Jenny Garufi. It truly feels like a whole new chapter – one I am so excited for!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out over the years letting me know my poems have helped them!  That helped me with the determination to get this book out there!  I would be so grateful for your support. Please check it out and let me know what you think!! It is available on amazon on kindle and in paperback.

Here is the description from Amazon: “”Soul Alchemy: Transformative Poems for the Soul” is a collection of evocative and inspiring poems designed to guide readers on a journey of inner transformation and personal growth. Each poem serves as a touchstone for reflecting on life’s experiences, fostering self-awareness, and embracing change. With themes ranging from love and loss to resilience and renewal, this collection weaves a tapestry of emotions and insights, offering solace and inspiration to those seeking to transform their lives from within. Perfect for anyone on a spiritual journey or in need of poetic encouragement, “Soul Alchemy” illuminates the path to personal enlightenment and emotional healing.

Jenny has had a lifelong passion for writing poetry. Often, her poems come through in minutes and she feels guided to share with others. The chapters in this book touch on many topics around being human, happiness, connection, self-love and spirituality. They also dive into deeper subjects such as abuse and grief and how to process them. The final section offers an easy way to get to know the chakra system to begin to use it as your own inner diagnostic center to bring yourself into balance.

Jenny’s clients have seen relief and deep senses of connection from reading her poems, which is why she felt compelled to share them. It is her hope you feel seen, you discover tools and unlock a deeper sense of connection with your inner self – which allows for light, happiness and unconditional love to enter.”

You can visit Jenny at to take her free online class “5 Critical Tools to Reclaim and Maintain Your Inner Peace: An E-Course“.