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Author, Energy Re-Awakener, Self-love Activator & Intuitive Healer & Facilitator

For over the last decade I’ve worked as an Intuitive Healer and an Energy Educator with hundreds of clients whom I’ve assisted in reawakening their energy. What I mean by reawakening ​energy is​ the process of looking inward and awakening into ​your own ​​self​-​worth and empowerment to transform the energetic blocks ​that previously limited ​you. This allows for freer energy flow and new creation.

It’s my mission to simplify this process by offering step-by-step guidance and the practical tools needed to reawaken and realign your energy to its highest potential. I believe truly owning your self​-​worth and aligning ​your energy to resonate ​from th​e soul level is the foundation for deep inner healing.

Energy Re-Awakener

Intuitive healer

Self-Love Activator

Jenny xx

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Let’s RE-Awaken You Together!

Using Love to Catalyze Your Healing

I am passionate about helping my clients discover their unlimited potential and power. I am an energetic catalyst for fast change with the tools and experience I bring and offer. I help people release what does not serve them on all levels; body, mind, and spirit to connect to the best version of themselves.

I have learned how to help empower people, catalyze “A-HA” moments, and show people healing and living their best life can in fact be easier than they ever imagined. My passion for the possibilities of healing has led to me writing over 300 articles, to me becoming an alternative healing practitioner, for my first book “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life” published by Llewellyn Publishing on January 8, 2016 and to my first PBS TV appearance speaking on Wellness.

In healing myself of several chronic illnesses and diseases as well as chronic pain my life shifted and my spiritual journey began. I suddenly knew at my core things were not as I had been told.

I had been to many doctors over 7 years and all of them said I would not be getting better and in fact would most likely be in a wheelchair.

Yet in 3 short weeks, I had healed myself of all of my symptoms. I was intrigued and knew there was a whole lot more I did not know or understand about how I was suddenly well. I also had such an urge to scream from the rooftops to all the disease support groups and doctors I had been to, “Yes! It is possible to heal from these diseases”.

My wanting to share led to my diving in to learn all I could and writing my book and articles. If I was going to learn about this I wanted to learn and study every day if I could. I began to study about personal development and alternative healing techniques. I already had a BA in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University but continue to read non-stop to learn and began to take many classes and certification courses.

Some of which include:

A Block From Childhood Has Shifted

“I’ve found that with Jenny’s expertise I have been able to shift a block that happened for me when I was 16 years old. I had an accident, my heart stopped, I was unconscious for a week and my life changed. I was blessed not to suffer any brain damage but have held onto some cellular memories for 40 or so years.

During my second session with Jenny I could feel the energy shifting out of my head, Jenny is very gifted.”

Suzie Cheel

Cured of Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome

“…After my first appointment with Jenny, I felt so peaceful… I did all 3 sessions that are recommended and all of my PCOS symptoms are gone. I have been healed since then and I’ve been super regular with all of my cycles and in fact, the doctor told me that my lab results looked golden and that they were great and that I pretty much cured myself of PCOS. Jenny’s sessions were so helpful and I owe her the world. I highly recommend her, she is always there for you…”



We are born so precious, frail on the outside but deeply connected to our soul self. As we grow we are “taught” to hide away our uniqueness so we can fit into society.

We all have had our fair share of trauma, joys, and experiences that have shaped us and in many cases have dimmed the ease of communicating to our soul.

We have these stories that define us but I am here to show you that it doesn’t have to any longer.

You may have done so much work on yourself, have healed areas of your life, and really experienced those areas shift and move forward.

Perhaps you’ve done work on relationships, finances, health, or how you deal with emotions. But most people have not truly been able to Re-Awaken that sense of wonder and connectivity they had as a child in every part of their lives.

That is where I come in with a Loving, healing embrace. Using Love as a fundamental healing source to support you in healing at the root.

Imagine being embraced with pure unconditional healing love every single day of the year! Now you can with Love365. Where you receive my daily HEALING love notes right on your phone.

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