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Akashic Prosperity Reset Reading/Clearing

Prosperity Reset: Harness the Energy of the Akashic Records

Are you feeling or have you felt trapped in a cycle of financial struggle? Are you ready to release your financial limitations and rewrite your story of prosperity? Perhaps you have felt like you are in a cycle with money you don’t quite understand. Maybe you have felt like you KNOW you can bring more money and prosperity in your life, either you reach perceived limits or cannot hold onto it. You CAN unleash your true potential and break free from limitations with this transformational Akashic Reading and Clearing. I can help you uncover hidden blocks and guide you towards a prosperous future.

The Prosperity Reset Reading/Clearing combines the ancient wisdom of the Akashic records with powerful clearing techniques to reprogram your money mindset. Gain access to the limitless energy of abundance, and start attracting wealth and prosperity effortlessly and from the energy of possibility. Through deep clearing and tapping into the information found in your Akashic record, you’ll dissolve old patterns, shift your energy, and step into the mindset of abundance.

You’ll release negative money patterns, transform your relationship with money, and attract unlimited financial possibilities. Gain the mindset of a true wealth magnet and start living a life of financial freedom with heart coherence, flow and a feeling of connection. Please don’t settle for a life of lack – I would love to help you seize this opportunity and embrace a future of boundless prosperity! Sign up for your reading today and embark on your journey to financial liberation!

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Learn everything you will gain by this experience below:

  • Find out Your Prosperity “set point” and reset it to it’s highest potential for this clearing
  • Gain your primary life lesson and see how that relates to your prosperity
  • Discover the blocks and restrictions stopping you from more prosperity or catalyzing old patterns (releasing these will allow for the set point to be reset). These can be from this and past lifetimes.
  • Name the top 3 emotional blockers and what they will be replaced with. We (when I say “we” I mean my guides and your guides) will then imbue the transmuted more “positive emotions/qualities” into your record. Saying the 21 day prayer will make this even more powerful.
  • Develop a deep compassion for yourself and the past so you can embrace the present and break through past prosperity limits in the future.
  • Receiving clarity on your blocks and restrictions, grants an inner sense of power.
  • Transform your relationship with money, abundance and prosperity on a spiritual, emotional and practical level.
  • Receive personalized affirmations to clear any negative energy blocking your prosperity.
  • Through this powerful Akashic clearing and mindset reprogramming techniques, you’ll release negative money patterns, transform your relationship with money, and attract unlimited financial possibilities.
  • Receive a 21 day prayer where you give yourself permission energetically to release your limitations, blocks and restrictions and embrace prosperity at a whole new level.
  • Receive ways to tap into heart coherence whenever you begin to sense fear approaching.
  • Receive some extra tools and exercises, in addition to your reading exclusively given here – to call in help to align with a high frequency vibration.

    I recognize that people like to receive information differently – so there are two options for these readings/clearings below:


  • A. Reading/Clearing/Tools/Audio – Receive a typed report (at least 10 pages), clearing, personalized affirmations, a 21 day clearing prayer, additional prosperity and centering tools, and a 10 minute audio summary.  This is: $333
  • B. Reading/Clearing/Tools/A 1/2 hour Session with Jenny – Receive all above  (except audio summary) – Instead receive 1/2 hour with me on zoom or phone to answer any questions you may have.  This is: $444

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If you prefer to pay via VENMO – you can pay me at: @JennyLove365 OR @JennyMannion (but if you pay via the second one PLEASE make sure there is my picture as there are a few Jenny Mannions). THEN please email me at jenny@jennymannion.com or jennifer.mannion@gmail.com so I can send you the form to fill out. 

ETA: Expect a 1-2 week turnaround for your reading. Sometimes it can be done faster and I will let you know an ETA as soon as you book the reading and send me your information.

I am so excited to help you on your journey to financial well being. Thank you!