Energy Healing Session Confirmation - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Thank you, your purchase is confirmed!

I’m thrilled that you have chosen to experience an Energy Healing session with me!  I will be in touch with you by email in the next 2-3 days to schedule a time for us to begin working together.

Once again as a reminder and to get you prepared, here is what you expect during and after our energy healing session:

– A sense of great peace and love

– A feeling of connectivity

– Seeing/feeling/receiving answers

– A sense of inner healing and release

– Afterward, a sense of lightness of being

– A receiving of clear messages and visualizations

In preparing for an Energy Healing Session I ask that you:

Step 1: Please send me your full name and date of birth now that you have a booked your session – Please email me at

Step 2:  Have an hour of time where you will not be disturbed

Step 3:  Have a journal or computer close by to take notes afterward – many receive very specific messages and answers during the sessions but just like a dream – if not recorded they may disappear soon-after.

Step 4:  Download the exclusive BE LIGHT 10-minute Guided Meditation MP3 below.   This brief and powerful meditation is for you to listen to this during the beginning of your healing session or as a stand-alone meditation anytime after.

  • This specially recorded 10-minute audio will help prepare your body and breathing space for our session.
  • It offers guided visual imagery that will help keep your cognitive mind focused.
  • The vivid imagery is supportive to your full body integration by increasing and deepening sensations of love, gratitude, self-empowerment, joy, and more.
  • It will put you and your heart in a very open, loving, healing space for receiving anytime you listen.

You can send me any questions you have about this process and will discuss part of it upon your call at the beginning of the session. You can reach me directly at or call me at 607-437-7867. 

I am looking forward to our time together and discovering all the ways I can contribute to your wellness and awakening.

Much love,