5 Steps to Consciously Co-Creating Your Best Life

There are 5 steps that can help with this process of co-creating your life with the Universe and I wanted to outline a few here to either get you started or maybe help you course-correct if you’re not liking some aspects of what your life looks like right now.

How to Become a Conscious Creator Instead of Living Life on Auto-Pilot

Here are three ways to know if your life is on auto-pilot and the tools to change it so you can create more of the life you want. Our body is truly amazing - breathing, pumping blood, all our systems moving together without us even having to contemplate it.  When it...

Finding the Blessings To Propel You OUT of Your Current Challenge

This being human is indeed an interesting journey.  We are offered so many opportunities for growth yet at that time they can seem like anything but.  Personally, the largest times of growth for me and that I have witnessed in my clients has come during and after very...

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