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Relationship ReInvention Package

We have all had relationships that have either instilled trauma, lack of self-worth,  a lack of self-love, unhealthy patterns or behaviors. Perhaps it was a parent, maybe it was a romantic relationship, or it could even be a sibling or friend that had this affect on...

The “Paging Me System” — A Method to Heal Pain Naturally

When I healed I wrote an ebook in which I features a system that I had created to heal. I coached from "The Paging Me System". It is based on my belief that we need to "'awaken" to be able to heal. Now I would like to present this to my readers in a poem form that...

Are you Listening to Your Self-Talk?

I have written about self-talk a bunch of times because it was such an integral part of me healing myself. I was on auto-pilot for YEARS and just moving through my days without really listening to what my mind was saying. Oh, it said QUITE a lot and I HEARD it but I...

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