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5 Steps to Consciously Co-Creating Your Best Life

There are 5 steps that can help with this process of co-creating your life with the Universe and I wanted to outline a few here to either get you started or maybe help you course-correct if you’re not liking some aspects of what your life looks like right now.

Embrace Your Self-Worth to Align Your Life

Every single person has stories from the past. Limits that you repeat to yourself even if you don’t truly believe them. They might have come from a parent, relative, community member, teacher, friend, relationship or possibly from collective consciousness.  We all...

4 Ways to Shine More Light in These Chaotic Times

I am sure at some point (or many points lately) you have felt the world is spinning and seems to have gone a bit out of control!  There are so many things shifting and changing and has certainly been a lot of seeming chaos rising to the surface. As a lightworker, it...
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