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5 Ways to Bring More Meaning & Joy to Your Holidays

As we gather with our families for this holiday there are a few things that are important for us to keep in mind to make it a more joyous and meaningful occasion. Here’s my list of the top five. Number 1... Express a deep gratefulness for all we are fortunate enough...

Self Care is Critical, Not Optional – 5 Ways to Practice It NOW

We do know at some level if we keep going and going we will be worn down.  Yet, so many of us come up with excuses to not take care of ourselves.  The most common excuse I hear from my clients is, “There is not enough TIME."  Well, I can tell you from my experience...

3 Ways to Feel Instinctual Happiness and Joy Now

“Happiness is not an intellectual choice, it’s an instinct, and a good in itself.” –LIESL SCHILLINGER Happiness and joy are instinctual.  Who would have known it the way we berate ourselves, repeat negative mantras and speak to ourselves worse than we would anyone...

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