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How is this Spring time treating you so far? Are you feeling reborn as the tulips are or are you having some challenges pushing through to reach the sun? In facing any Challenge you have to face CHANGE - it IS even in the word CHALLENGE. When we attempt to undergo...

How does one overcome illness using the mind when the mind is in a state of distress?

Welcome to Healing Answers Edition #6 This edition is slightly different. I had 2 questions come in within a day of each other that were very similar. It made me KNOW it was an important one to answer but I also felt the wording the 2 different people used was...

Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally?

The next question is from BC from NY. Thank you BC! BC Wrote, "I've been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?"   We ARE body,...
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