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New for 2022 – Life Path Focus Reading

I remember watching Oprah and hearing her prompt, "What I know for sure."  I’ve used this often when I feel a little scattered and like my brain was trying to tell me I knew nothing. LOL. We all have times when we feel scattered and maybe a little thrown off path....

7 Ways To Express Love That Can Feed Your Soul

Love is healing. Love is free. Love is natural. Love is a gift.  Love is alive. Love is energy. Love connects us all! Do you realize that when you express love or receive love that the effects of those acts can actually shift the chemical makeup of your body or even...

Meditation can Help to Heal Pain or to Just Relax

I did not originally try meditating to heal pain. My first attempts at meditation were simply to relax and get some quiet time. Being a mom with 2 young children somehow doesn't allow for that much! I have tried meditation several times in my life before making in an...

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