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7 Ways To Express Love That Can Feed Your Soul

Love is healing. Love is free. Love is natural. Love is a gift.  Love is alive. Love is energy. Love connects us all! Do you realize that when you express love or receive love that the effects of those acts can actually shift the chemical makeup of your body or even...

Changing Your Reality and Well-Being VERY Quickly

While in chronic pain and living with the prognosis of inevitably being in a wheelchair, my outlook on life was anything but positive. I BECAME my dis-eases and awoke every day thinking about how much pain I was in, wondering if I would pass out that day, be able to...

The Universe is Always Speaking to You – Are You Listening?

We are constantly receiving messages to keep our lives flowing effortlessly.  Most of us are wrapped up in the constant distractions, our lifelong patterns and the WAY WE HAVE decided things SHOULD BE/GO.  When we are so attached to our own stories and distractions we...
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