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Packages and Programs with Jenny 

If you are ready to truly step into a more aligned version of you…. Jenny is here to be kind, loving, non judgmental and offer you tools, kindness and energetic clearings to catapult you to the next stage of your life. Work with Jenny to move past blocks, restrictions, habits, patterns and  trauma. Jenny helps you  to embrace your highest potential. Jenny offers  you tools to move forward as you embody self-worth and the highest and most exciting version of your life!




  • You will meet with me (Jenny) 2x/month – every 2 weeks for 1 hour each time.
  • During that time you will receive mentoring/coaching, energy, and easy tools to apply and homework.
  • You will receive Two Soul Harmony Sessions. 
  • You will receive my undivided attention, love and support.
  • You will be connected to unconditional love, your ancestors, guides an receive guidance. 
  • You can email any time you like and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 
  • You will receive specific tools for YOU, that will help you purge past energy, integrate new energy to move into the best and highest version of yourself.
  • We meet via zoom preferably but can meet by phone.

Cost is $444/Month

Book your first month here:

After booking, please email me at with your time zone and available times for our first hour call.

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What clients are saying:

Her Akashic Readings & Property Clearings Were Powerful  from B.D.

“I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with Jenny Mannion: her skills as an Akashic reader, energy healer, and caring health professional.  Her Akashic readings for me and my husband were head and shoulders above others I have read or heard about.  These readings were spot on as to what characteristics were found and beautifully explained for current and past lives.  And unlike many energy healers, there are two levels of healing: the clearing and cleansing that comes with the reading and the lovely and very meaningful prayer that comes at the end to be said for 21 days.  We loved saying the prayer as an important part of our day.  Much the same could be said of the life situational readings we had. Jenny’s process is very open and loving.  She is readily available to answer any questions and does a great job of the explanations.  You can feel in these answers and the explanations in the readings that she is very empathetic and sympathetic.  I have totally enjoyed working with her and have already recommended her to others.”


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