Services - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion


I am here as your guide, to help you stay on the path that leads directly to who you are at the soul level and re-awaken the unique gifts you get to pick up on the journey. I can help you truly embrace self-love so that your relationships and your life reflect that love back to you! See below where I can help you on your path.

Akashic Readings

I give my clients detailed information about themselves at soul level including Soul Group, Soul Specializations and Primary Life Lesson.

Life Path Focus Reading

This is a quick reading to answer a question on any area of your life where you may be feeling stuck or need some clarity. 

Soul Harmony Sessions


These sessions are a culmination of 18 years of study. We will speak, and you will receive a guided journey to receive peace, inner guidance and messages as well as energy to clear you to move forward on your path. These sessions are transformational.  It is $222 for 1 session or $599 for 3 – 1 hour sessions. Please email me after at with your time zone and some possible times within the next couple of weeks that we can meet.


Not sure where to start? Contact me and we can discuss your objectives.


Please, don’t let my rates deter you from reaching out. If I resonate with you and you would like to work with me, I can offer sliding scale rates that fit your budget, if necessary. Please contact me with the topic, “Rates”, as well as time zone and time frames you are available to jump on a 10 minute call so we can discuss. I would be happy to accommodate you and if you feel drawn to me, I have no doubt we were meant to work together.


I offer packages designed for you and your needs, where I can significantly reduce rates for our continued work together. The more we work together, the more we get to know one another and the more successful long term results will be. Check out my two most common packages here.  If you are interested in more than one of my services, or an ongoing mentoring relationship, and those packages do not suit your specific needs, please contact me with the topic “packages”, along with your time zones and some times you are available. We can jump on the phone for 20 minutes to discuss your needs and design your package.
I offer sales on my services through the amazing Conscious Business Place Mindful Market – you can check out my store here.