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We are not our bodies – we are our souls that HAVE bodies. We have lived MANY times before.  The Akashic Records are a place where every thought, action and emotion from ALL of our lifetimes are stored. Receiving an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing is healing on many levels and offer many benefits.

By getting to know ourselves at soul level we can release some judgments on how “we should be”. I give my clients detailed information about themselves at soul level including Soul Group, Soul Specializations and Primary Life Lesson.

I work with my client’s spirit guide team and my own spirit guide team to find blocks and restrictions from past lives and this life that might be stopping my client from spiritual development as well as contributing to their dis-ease.

My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.




1) My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.

2) I include a detailed typed report (usually 6-8 pages) and a 21-day prayer/intention setting for my client.

3) After you look over your report I include 2 (1/2 hour talking sessions) with me to answer any questions you may have. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier.

4) These clearings shift your energy to a higher vibration, releasing what you do not need so you can move forward in your life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

5) These readings/clearing bring a lot of comfort and understanding to my clients about themselves on this planet, themselves at a soul level, and why their life is where it is now.


This is recommended as a follow up reading if you have had a basic Akashic Clearing done by myself or another Soul ReAlignment Practitioner. It is appropriate when you have specific issues you would like to see resolved in your life. We are going to be clearing blocks and restrictions around these issues.  This also comes with a report and a 21 day clearing prayer. This reading and report can take between 1 – 2 weeks. I will need the following information in order to access your record and begin the reading: Name at Birth, Present Name, Date of Birth and Place of Birth (City, State, Country).

This can be a reading/clearing done for a couple, parent/child, business partners, close friends, etc.  This can shine light on past lives we have lived with people close to us, lessons we chose to learn from each other and can help people to understand each other better from a soul perspective.  Since I need to have information on more than one person I will need the following information in order to access your record and begin the reading: Name at Birth, Present Name, Date of Birth and Place of Birth (City, State, Country).

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I have also created an immersive 60-minute personally guided meditation journey where I will lead you in so you can access your OWN RECORD.  By connecting you with your own Akashic Guides you will feel the certainty of having your questions answered. If any doubts arise, I will be there with my guides to offer you support, reassurance and confirmation.  After our session you will then know how to go into the Records on your own to access information.  A priceless gift you can use at any time.


Our home is the place where we rest, sleep and rejuvenate, so should be a place of the highest positive energetic vibration possible. Our residence has its own energy body comprised of the emotions and occurrences of past occupants as well as our own and those of our roommates/family.  In our home, we let ourselves unwind and experience every type of emotion and energy, challenges and the ups and downs of life.  Our home soaks up that energy and the energy of all living in it and even those who visit on a regular basis.  

Our residence also holds the energy of the people that have lived there before.  Every argument, complaint about things breaking in the house or the house itself, not to mention the original signature energy of the property it was created on.  Every house I have ever been asked to do a property clearing on bears some kind of negativity. In clearing its energy in the Akashic records, there is a HUGE shift of energy experienced. 

Some houses were built on lands that were previously used as battlegrounds, burial grounds or used as a Sacred site at some point.  To build on such a property causes disruption in the energy of the property and usually some unhappiness from energies involved.  By reassigning this property, also showing gratitude for its previous use – the property can then be energetically aligned with being a “residence” or whatever its new use is.  We are honoring the previous energy and also asking for the reassignment so that the new owners can move on in peace without the residual energy interfering.

BOOK YOUR Akashic PRoperty clearing – $250

Times where I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a property clearing are:

  1. Moving into a new house – You will want to clear it of any energies from past occupants.
  2. Before selling a house – It can take away any residual negative energy and make the house much more attractive to prospective buyers.
  3. Before building a house – Clearing the property to make sure it is being built with the correct energetic intention with respect to past uses of the property.
  4. When any resident moves out of a property. We all have energy bodies. Everyone has been through challenges and some people tend to be more negative than others  – these all leave residual energies. To clear it makes it brand new for the current inhabitants.
  5. You or another resident have noticed strange and “negative feeling” occurrences in the house and it is scaring or affecting anyone inside.

These are only a few examples of when to get a property clearing. In each of these cases my clients and I have seen significant improvement. 

The most potent healing work I have ever done

“I’ve been working with healers for over a decade.

Working with Jenny and her processes has been by far the most potent work I have EVER done.

She helped me see my unconscious patterns in a way I had never seen them before. I’m well on my way to living the life I was meant to live.

Thank you Jenny. You are an angel.”

Trish Ellis

Now I Know Myself On a Soul Level

Working with Jenny was a game-changer for me. I first contacted her during a very painful and significant turning point in my life. I was seeking to connect with myself on a deeper level and gain greater insights… Upon reading it for the first time, I will never forget the deep wave of emotion and remembrance that came over me. The words I read resonated with me on such a deep level, I wept in relief and gratitude. During times I felt disconnected I would refer back to my reading, each time gaining something new. It gave me the opportunity to know myself on a soul level, consider possibilities I had not considered”



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