Deepening Your Self-Love With energy Healing from jenny

Beginning from when you were even in your mother’s womb you were soaking up messages. The first 5 years of your life you were like a sponge to all the energy and messages around you – whether it was the news on the tv in the background, messages from your parents, siblings, or any relatives and loved ones as well as the energy of global consciousness at the time. As you grew you received more messages, through friends, through relationships, through school and teachers, and through jobs, you have worked. All of these contributed to the stories you tell yourself about who you are.

These are often very limited messages. We, humans, tend to cling to the limited messages and have a hard time truly integrating the positive ones we receive. But your soul always knows how beautiful and perfect you are.

Your inner self knows you ARE love and if you have faced trauma and challenges as all humans do – that does not make you unlovable but even more lovable. If you think about an animal, child, or a loved one that has been mistreated it probably makes you want to reach out and hug them and tell them everything will be okay – but that rarely is what we do when we feel mistreated. You might berate yourself for being in that situation or how you responded. Or carry around anger and blame for someone you felt victimized by. All of these contribute to a lack of self-love and self-worth and will inhibit you from claiming the life you truly deserve.

When I work with people using mentoring and energy we hone in on the most limiting of beliefs. I offer tools that teach you how to re-awaken that self-love and self-worth from your soul level. There are usually many A-Ha moments and yes sometimes some tears too. It is beautiful and freeing to release limitations especially when it is through love and support. I offer sessions that are a mix of us speaking and me offering you tools and homework mixed with you lying down to receive energy. Receiving is also a huge part of stepping into that self-worth and energy sessions are healing, peaceful, loving and allow for new realizations as you release the old patterns and thoughts.

Akashic and Soul ReAlignment Clearing Sessions

I also love the Akashic Records as a tool to gather information on the more unconscious blocks.

I also love working with my clients in the Akashic records for stepping into self-love and self-worth. 

The Akashic records offer a snapshot of who you are at core level, your gifts, your specializations and certain personality traits you carry from incarnation to incarnation. It allows you to see and love yourself at a deeper level.

We can also work here on releasing subconscious blocks that might be in place about your self-love and self-worth. It allows for an energetic releasing of them with the clearing work and also the prayer you say for 21 days after the clearing is complete.

You gain a deeper way to love and understand yourself as that soul level recognition is re-awakened and it allows you to step more fully into your self-love and creating your reality from that space. 

I would be honored to be on this journey with you to help you re-awaken your self-love and self-worth. 

Reserve Your Akashic Record Session – $250

Deepen Your Self-Love Through The Akashic


1) My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.

2) I include a detailed typed report (usually 6-8 pages) and a 21-day prayer/intention setting for my client.

3) After you look over your report I include 2 (1/2 hour talking sessions) with me to answer any questions you may have. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier.

4) These clearings shift your energy to a higher vibration, releasing what you do not need so you can move forward in your life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

5) These readings/clearing bring a lot of comfort and understanding to my clients about themselves on this planet, themselves at a soul level, and why their life is where it is now.

The most potent healing work I have ever done

“I’ve been working with healers for over a decade.

Working with Jenny and her processes has been by far the most potent work I have EVER done.

She helped me see my unconscious patterns in a way I had never seen them before. I’m well on my way to living the life I was meant to live.

Thank you Jenny. You are an angel.”

Trish Ellis

Now I Know Myself On a Soul Level

Working with Jenny was a game-changer for me. I first contacted her during a very painful and significant turning point in my life. I was seeking to connect with myself on a deeper level and gain greater insights… Upon reading it for the first time, I will never forget the deep wave of emotion and remembrance that came over me. The words I read resonated with me on such a deep level, I wept in relief and gratitude. During times I felt disconnected I would refer back to my reading, each time gaining something new. It gave me the opportunity to know myself on a soul level, consider possibilities I had not considered”



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