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Embrace Your Soul & innate gifts with Energy Healing from Jenny

You are a unique Divine being with gifts that no one else has.

The world is in a time of transformation and is supporting rapid growth and change right now. Tapping into this energy requires connecting with your soul and re-awakening the latent power and love that has always been there but may have been challenging to access.

Perhaps it is your job that you are struggling with seeing a way out of…

Maybe it is a relationship or several of them in your life that don’t seem to fit your needs anymore…

Or perhaps you have a deep longing for something more…

A deeper spiritual connection and a deeper feeling of meaning within your life. Connecting with your soul and re-awakening these energies, love, and power within – can help you tap into that power for quick and powerful transformation.

Using my energy and mentoring sessions I dive deep with clients. We connect with those gifts, their soul and I offer easy tools to continue to dive deeper and deeper. I see the potential, beauty, love, and soul in every person I work with and I help hold up that mirror so you can see it too.

The energy sessions help remove blocks and release any limitations you might have felt too deeply connecting and trusting your inner self. I will give you homework for your own work because this truly is a journey you will want to continue on once you open this door. It is always tearfully beautiful for me to see people witness their souls and help be a catalyst to re-awaken that connection.

Akashic and Soul ReAlignment Clearing Sessions

I also love the Akashic Records as a tool to gather information on the more unconscious blocks.

When I use the Akashic Records we can truly dive deep and hone in on any energetic blocks and restrictions that might have stopped you from embracing your gifts as well as shine a spotlight on the gifts you have come in with at a soul level.

The clearing and 21-day prayer that follows can re-awaken energy that you might not have felt flowing for a very long time. After my first Akashic clearing, I had something called a shell removed. It was blocking me from truly feeling my soul and when it was removed it felt like

I had a deeper connection to myself than I could ever remember. Prayer, intention setting went deeper and a new level of self-acceptance was able to be re-born. 

It would be an honor and a blessing to assist you on this journey to re-awaken that connection to your soul and your innate gifts.

Reserve Your Akashic Record Session – $250

Embrace Your Soul Through The Akashic


1) My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.

2) I include a detailed typed report (usually 6-8 pages) and a 21-day prayer/intention setting for my client.

3) After you look over your report I include 2 (1/2 hour talking sessions) with me to answer any questions you may have. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier.

4) These clearings shift your energy to a higher vibration, releasing what you do not need so you can move forward in your life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

5) These readings/clearing bring a lot of comfort and understanding to my clients about themselves on this planet, themselves at a soul level, and why their life is where it is now.

A Block From Childhood Has Shifted

“I’ve found that with Jenny’s expertise I have been able to shift a block that happened for me when I was 16 years old. I had an accident, my heart stopped, I was unconscious for a week and my life changed. I was blessed not to suffer any brain damage but have held onto some cellular memories for 40 or so years.

During my second session with Jenny I could feel the energy shifting out of my head, Jenny is very gifted.”

Suzie Cheel

DeepER Sense of Peace & Calm

“…I went into this not having something that I was specifically looking for healing from, just a true desire to experience a deeper connection with myself… Today I believe at the depth of my soul that there is a deeper level of peace within my being. It’s not something I can quantify. This I know; I do feel at peace in my life. And that peace is greater now than it has ever been…  I believe that all of my life’s experiences have led me to where I am today, and it’s a collective of all of that…

Lance Ekum


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