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Energy Work and Mentoring

Energy Work

1 Hour Session with Jenny
1/2 hour mentoring

1/2 hour energy

We will spend the first 20-30 minutes getting crystal clear on your intentions for the session. I will also offer you tools and follow up with an email with all we discussed and tools, so you are free to be present in the session, without having to take notes. The last 1/2 hour you will choose how you want to receive energy.

Energy work looks many different ways. We are MADE of energy.  Often, when we have had past traumas, life situations and emotions we have not processed properly, energy can get “stuck”. Stuck energy prevents flow and can cause dis-ease either mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or in all of these ways.  An energy “tune up” can help switch up that energy so that a new flow is in place.  In my practice I have witnessed this alleviating disease, allowing for new relationships and love to come in and adding to a greater sense of peace within. For these energy sessions, it is simply about YOU receiving.

I have been certified in over 15 energy healing modalities including Reconnective Healing and Shamanic practices. I have even come up with my own modality Be Light, and have enjoyed intuitively using what needs to be accessed that time with clients. This work can be done no matter where you location is and can look many different ways. I have had clients in almost all of the continents and distance has no affect on these sessions. 

You can take some time to lie down and simple be open to receive. Or I can take you on a guided shamanic journey and speak with you during, so that we can share our experiences and what is being cleansed. All is about you being open to receiving energy to realign your energy body and remove what is not needed anymore. 

All of my work is done with a whole lot of love and non judgment. I hold space for you unfolding into your greatest potential and am lovingly present for you during our session.

I love all the energy healing modalities I have learned and they all resonate deeply. I work with you to discover what best suits you in the moment. 

I can also offer sessions for loved ones where they are or are not congizant of the energy being sent. This is sometimes obtained by a relative or loved one of someone who is ill. These sessions can grant great peace and pain relief. If the session is for someone else, I will need to know more about the situation. The healing is always done with the intention of “the highest good” for the person being worked on. 

In shamanism you truly learn how to become “that hollow bone” and allow for energies of high vibration to come through. 

I have many testimonials where people have had experiences during the energy sessions and felt much relief. It is truly an honor to do this work. I would love to help you on your journey. 


I love connecing with people and helping. I love being the mirror that reflects the love within so my clients can see how beautiful and worthy they truly are. So many times we are focused on our perceived short comings. I see the love and potential in every single client. I see them as perfect when they come in, no matter what their past might have been. We all have endured traumas and experiences that may have left us feeling “damaged”. We all have adapted some not so healthy behaviors, patterns and self-talk at some point in our lives. I can help you to truly tap into that self love and live from that space. From that space… anything is possible. 

The mentors I have had in my life have proved priceless. Offering guidance and tools so that I can truly own and step into my next phase of life and what I am inviting in. I can do that for you. I have been on this journey for over 15 years and have many easy tools to share so that you can truly be living your best life.  I love witnessing the transformations in my client’s lives. I often hear I feel like a best friend and that my clients didn’t know change could happen so quickly. 

It is an honor to hold that space and to be on this journey with my clients. I would loe to help you on your path.

1 Hour Sessions

1 Hour Sessions look different every time. You can choose to use them for energy, mentoring or frequentluy clients choose to use them fior 1/2 hour of each. I can also facilitate guided Akashic Journeys within this time. 

Know you WILL recieve “homework” and tools from me. If you want to book more than 1 session, I am happy to discount. You may also want to consider one of my Continued work packages.  If you are unsure HOW to move forward but resonate with me and my work, reach out via email and we can jump on a quick call.    It is always an honor to help someone truly see their own Light and Live within so they can create a life they are excited about and that has them fulfilled and living in happiness.