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HEAL your body with energy healing from jenny

Many clients have come to me over the last 15 years for physical healing – wanting to know how I healed myself of 7 years of illness in 3 weeks. Maybe you have heard of people that have worked with me and have healed from cancer, MS, anxiety, depression, or some other form of dis-ease. 

All healing is multi-faceted. I healed myself by changing my mental and emotional states which changed my energy and my physical body. I have spent the last 15 years gathering tools to help others do the same. I don’t feel one tool works for all people because we are all so different but the fundamentals are the same. Together we find the tools that help your body re-awaken its innate healing ability within you.

There is such power in changing the energy related to your mental, emotional or physical challenge. You may have heard a limiting diagnosis from a professional or perhaps you have been all over the internet looking up what to expect.

Our bodies ARE self-healing as we witness when we get a cut but it is a whole lot harder to wrap our heads around that when it is a more serious diagnosis.

When you are repeating the limiting messages it makes it harder for the body to heal. I offer lots of easy and quick ways to shift your mindset and energy so healing can re-awaken within you.


I treat each client as the most important person in the universe as I work with them and am often told I feel like a best friend. I come with no judgment and a whole lotta love because that is truly what can jump-start deep healing. 

Akashic and Soul ReAlignment Clearing Sessions

I also love the Akashic Records as a tool to gather information on the more unconscious blocks.

Sometimes there is a block or restriction like karma, a contract, a hook, cord, or various others and when it is removed physical healing can happen much more rapidly. We discuss the findings, my guides and your guides do the initial clearing work but I feel it is in the 21-day prayer I give to you that the real deep magic happens.

You have set your intention and given your permission to clear these blocks and restrictions and that gives a huge green light for rapid healing to occur.

An example of this – is I had a client that was suffering from extreme sciatica and could barely walk a block. He had an ex-wife that was emotionally abusive and it was a bad break up and I had joked she was still literally a “pain in his butt”. He had gone to several doctors, acupuncture, a chiropractor and nothing could heal the pain. The Akashic record reading/clearing literally found that energetic block and removed it and his pain disappeared during his 21-day prayer and he could instantly go back to walking miles every day as he had previously done with no remaining pain.

Reserve Your Akashic Record Session – $250

Heal Your Body Through The Akashic


1) My spirit guide team and yours will restore natural protection from negativity, this is something we are entitled to but did not realize we had the right to.

2) I include a detailed typed report (usually 6-8 pages) and a 21-day prayer/intention setting for my client.

3) After you look over your report I include 2 (1/2 hour talking sessions) with me to answer any questions you may have. This can be done via phone/skype or email if that is easier.

4) These clearings shift your energy to a higher vibration, releasing what you do not need so you can move forward in your life; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

5) These readings/clearing bring a lot of comfort and understanding to my clients about themselves on this planet, themselves at a soul level, and why their life is where it is now.

5 Years In Remission from Aggressive Cancer

Cured of Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome


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