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Starting on Tuesday October 12th, I will be hosting a FREE monthly Zoom call for ALL members of the Re-Awaken You Community.  All that’s required to participate is that you reply “Going” to this EVENT and be ready to join via Check your Re-Awaken You App notification settings to be sure you will receive the reminders on your phone and/or email.

You are required to CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT to get access to this monthly call.  Go to

The theme for this month’s MIRACLE call is Relationships. 

This can be any relationship. One you have had in the past that you feel still affects you, a family member, a significant other, a work relationship or perhaps you would like to come with an intention to heal an aspect of your relationship with yourself.

We will post a replay of the recorded call that will ONLY be available through the following weekend, or get unlimited access for Love365 and Embracing BLISS Course members! 

Each month I will be offering a remote energy healing transmission for 30 minutes and it will be accompanied by Music of the Plants. The plant accompanying me will be adding multiple layers to the healing energy of this call.

All you need to do is bring your intention around each month’s theme, and bring an open heart to receive.

You’re welcome to come with video on or off, but please be ready to be and in a comfy space to relax and receive. All participants will remain on MUTE throughout the call. There will be music playing throughout our time together and we will display a soothing visual presentation to accompany this event.

Come join us for this 1/2 hour of receiving, replenishing, growing and reawakening… and receive your MIRACLE… your Monthly Intention to Reawaken Alignment and Cultivate Loving Energy.

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Sep 13 2022


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Re-Awaken You Community / Zoom event

Imagine being embraced with pure unconditional healing love every single day of the year! Now you can with the Love365 mobile app. You’ll receive my daily HEALING love notes right on your phone.

Join here now and you’ll get the first week of Love365 with a focus on the Chakras + get access to my RE-Awakening Your Love Through The Chakras Energy Meditation.


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