Interview on Truth Runners with Krisztina Konya -

Interview on Truth Runners with Krisztina Konya

Unlock Your True Potential with the amazing Krisztina on Truth Runners 🌟🌟
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Date: Tuesday, 7th of May
Time: 6 PM UK Time | 1 PM EST
✨✨ Topic: The Truth of Who We Are ✨✨
Discover your authentic self with Jenny, a transformational healer who overcame 7 years of illness in just 3 weeks and awakened to her life’s true purpose. With 17 years of dedicated experience, Jenny has mastered over 15 healing modalities, ranging from the Akashic Records and Shamanic techniques to Energy Healing and Law of Attraction Coaching.
🔥🔥 As a best-selling author, renowned speaker, and top mindfulness contributor on LinkedIn, Jenny brings you powerful, easy-to-use tools to:
• Embrace the boundless nature of your being.
• Cultivate deep self-love and recognize your self-worth.
• Remove life’s blocks and past traumas.
• Manifest relationships and life circumstances that resonate with your highest self.
🌈🌈 Whether you’re looking to heal, grow, or transform, Jenny’s insights will guide you on a path to not just living, but thriving by aligning with your true essence.
👉👉 Don’t miss this transformative session! Dive deep into your journey of self-discovery and start living the life you were meant to. Let’s uncover the truth of who we are, together at Truth Runners.


May 08 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Self Worth Now

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