Feeling Connection through Your Heart - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

Feeling Connection through Your Heart

Today’s Focus Friday Card was pulled from the Self-Love Oracle Deck by Akal Pritam. Please take some time today or over the weekend to do 1 or more of these exercises, and/or reflect on this card and its message.

Card: #16 Ritual: Healing Connection, Heart Chakra

Short Message: Open hearted honesty has become your path

Message: This card indicates that you are becoming increasingly aware of your vastness. As you continue to realize your human sovereignty, you will kiss duality goodbye and revel in your ability to connect with everything.

As you open your heart even more, you will be able to relate beautifully to the spirit in everything – you will comprehend that you already know the language of the mountains, birds, flowers, crystals and everything. As you intimately connect with others and dance lightly with life, you will feel your heart expand. You will understand that you do not really need much and yet you will also desire to experience more and be more. This is a natural creative state.

The healing connections you are ready to open up will be partnered with interdependency and non-attachment to outcome.

Your heart will become courageous and you will be the first to be friendly and smile openly without doubt or fear. You have a growing capacity to elevate everyone you meet, to make the most out of every situation and also communicate gracefully and talk less. You are becoming more confident as you practice projecting unconditional love, compassion and gratitude. Your radiant presence and heart-centered connection with the world is healing your past, aligning you with your creative destiny and liberating future generations.

Well done! You are progressing beautifully. Enjoy your journey and the new connections that are coming to you. You are a beautiful soul. Bless you!

Suggested Practice: Go outdoors and sit down. Close your eyes and bask in life. Enjoy just being yourself for a moment.

Jenny’s message and exercises:  WOW what a beautiful card for this time. I truly feel so many of us, like the Universe right now are going through the burning of the Phoenix process. The last few years have shone a light very bright on what needed to fall away and where more light and love needed to be shone. It made us more aware of what brought us sorrow and separation and what brought us joy and feelings of connection. Most of us spent more time alone than we ever had and that allowed for a deep assessment and hopefully a “coming home to self”. This world has so many distractions outside us that we can get lost in – ways to numb out, ways to distract us from ever having true quiet, ways to indulge ourselves in unhealthy patterns or behaviors. It is in returning to the quiet within that we truly can recognize all we have endured, all we have learned and feel this deep gratitude for ourselves for being exactly where we are. From that new energy can be born and attract new situations, people, behaviors and patterns. We can feel more ourselves than perhaps we have allowed ourselves to feel and be gentler, knowing we all are truly in this together – no matter how separate we may feel. We FEEL that connection and the more we FEEL it the more we feel ourselves too and a deep peace can be realized.

Exercises: I love the suggested practice recommended above. Here are a couple of other suggestions.

  Sit quietly, take some breaths, close your eyes  and bring your hands to your heart. Think of 2 things about yourself you are grateful for. It could be you love animals, love to cook, call people you know are hurting, love to crate in some way, have a hobby that brings you joy, love music, etc. Bring those two things to mind and picture yourself doing those things or those qualities. Feel the love and connection you feel when you bring those to mind. Feel that love going into your heart and give yourself a THANK YOU and an inner hug for being exactly who you are.

  • Sit quietly, take some breaths, close your eyes  and bring your hands to your heart. Think of someone that maybe irks you a little. We’re not talking your most triggering person..for right now.. just someone that annoys you sometimes or you find causing feelings OTHER than love. Bring them to mind in front of you. Now as they are there, think of one thing you DO like about the person – maybe they have a good sense of humor, an amazing sense of style, a good work ethic, etc. Bring that quality in and thank them for having that quality. See them receiving that love and compliment. See yourself giving them a hug and feeling love between the two of you. See the relief you both feel while feeling this love instead of the other emotion they evoke. Thank yourself for taking this time.

Our thoughts, and therefore the emotions and energy they emote DO affect the world around us. We can control whether we react or whether we return to love no matter WHAT is going on around us. We ALL have learned some powerful tools the last few years. It is time to put them into action. If you need to communicate a truth – ask yourself how you can be honest but also loving. Love begins with us. Peace begins with us. Sending you tons of love!!