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Schedule Your 15 minute 1-on-1 Akashic Reading with Me.

Send an email to with your request and we will schedule our time together.

During our call, I will enter the Akashic Records to assess your Self-Worth Quotient.  This is a process that I was recently shown in a meditation. I will share your current number which typically ranges between 0-100.  I will then be able to offer clearings based upon your number which also allows me to intuit specific affirmations just for you.  You will leave our call armed with personalized affirmations that will boost your Self-TLC (self-talk, self-love, self-care).

“The moment Jenny’s voice came through on our phone call, I instantly felt comforted by her groundedness and wisdom. Such lovely energy. Jenny was both kind and direct as she pinpointed specific areas where I wasn’t operating in my highest worth.
When she communicated those to me, I instantly felt my soul agreeing.
It wasn’t a wash of general advice. It felt very specific to me.
I love that she provided really practical next steps for me –
specific affirmations, strategies, lists, and links to more resources.
Would totally recommend a self-worth quotient and mini-Akashic reading from this sweet and wise soul!”

Celine T.
“I had a self-worth quotient reading with Jenny. It was an amazing, insightful reading. In a short period of time she gave me personalised affirmations and also many tools to increase my self-worth quotient, which resonated a lot with me. I would definitely recommend healing sessions with Jenny to get more clarity on where you are at and to move forward in your healing journey. Thank you Jenny.”


Watch these 2 Video Exercises for How to Sense Energy

Click above and scroll down to “Preview” to watch the Introduction to Energy and Energy Exercise videos now The 2 FREE EXERCISES I’m giving you in the Embracing BLISS course will teach you HOW to move energy in different areas of your life with your attention and intention. By the end of this class you will feel energy much faster and easier. Be patient with yourself, it just takes practice.  

Download The BE LIGHT Guided Audio Meditation MP3

Listen to my 15-minute guided meditation prior to receiving the Free Distance Healing Session or listen anytime as a stand alone meditation. 

This specially recorded audio meditation offers a full body integration with vivid imagery that will help keep your cognitive mind focused as it increases your sensory and emotional connection.  It will put you and your heart in a very open, loving, healing space for receiving anytime you listen.

Sign up for Distance Energy Healing for you, your family, pets

Each month I will be offering a FREE 1-hour Group Distance Healing session and you can register above to claim the spot reserved just for you.  Just sign up with your name and email and you can receive for yourself, your family and your furry friends.  

Best if you can download and listen to the BE LIGHT meditation BEFORE the healing session.  The time and date will be given to you upon registration.