Life Path Focus Reading 

“I asked to be shown an easier and quicker way to help serve YOU on your path. A way for you to gain clarity, connection to your soul and a new way of looking at an old challenge and this is what came to the surface.” – Jenny  

A Life Path Focus Reading is a quick way for you to find out your Primary Life Lesson.

Do you yearn to know if you are truly walking on your ideal life path? 

Are you stuck repeating the same patterns wishing you could understand why? 

Have you felt like you needed further insight into a recurring behavior in order to move past it?

(e.g. poor eating, overspending, over-giving, avoidance, procrastination, unhealthy relationships, self-sabotage, grief, physical pain)

If the answer is Yes,….

Think About That One Ongoing Struggle, Challenge or Issue In Your Life

What if, we could quickly identify, address and clear the specific energetic blocks that are in the way of one of your MOST challenging life issues? 

What if, you received a sacred personal Akashic reading that could create more ease on your journey?

Would you be willing to try it?

The Life Path Focus Reading can provide deep clarity and profound energetic shifts toward aligning your path to better physical health, to improving finances, to better relationships, to making optimal career choices and more.

It will give you a clear grasp and direction for where to begin your healing. This is not about judgment – this is about loving yourself enough to embrace the changes necessary to catapult you to the next stage of your life. 

With your permission, I will enter your Akashic Records & send you an 8-10 minute recorded reading that identifies the blocks & restrictions contributing to the current life challenge you submit.

The Akashic Records is a library of your soul throughout time and can allow insight into WHAT is going on around a specific challenge. What you’ll gain from this Life Path Focus Reading can have a profound impact in your life. Learning YOUR personal Primary Life Lesson from the sacred Akashic Records helps give you the clarity to make better, more aligned choices.

In this 8-10 minute in depth audio recording, I will deliver to you a concise summary of your Primary Life Lesson as well as clarity around the issue you shared and your customized affirmations with instructions for how to best use this reading.  As you’re listening to this recorded reading, you will learn the specific blocks and restrictions that need to be addressed to move through your specified challenge once and for all.

This reading can grant you a feeling of power as you learn about your Primary Life Lesson and what you agreed to sign up for this time around. There is a true freedom felt in accepting this knowledge.

Are you ready to find out your Primary Life Lesson?

Having this sacred information may truly be the key factor to your healing. I
t will focus in on your soul records and reveal deep insights and practical next steps. 

You’ll receive an email with your personal 8-10 minute recorded reading plus customized affirmations within just 5 business days of your purchase. 

Recurring Behavior

what clients are saying:

Her Akashic Readings & Property Clearings Were Powerful  from B.D.

“I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with Jenny Mannion: her skills as an Akashic reader, energy healer, and caring health professional.  Her Akashic readings for me and my husband were head and shoulders above others I have read or heard about.  These readings were spot on as to what characteristics were found and beautifully explained for current and past lives.  And unlike many energy healers, there are two levels of healing: the clearing and cleansing that comes with the reading and the lovely and very meaningful prayer that comes at the end to be said for 21 days.  We loved saying the prayer as an important part of our day.  Much the same could be said of the life situational readings we had. Jenny’s process is very open and loving.  She is readily available to answer any questions and does a great job of the explanations.  You can feel in these answers and the explanations in the readings that she is very empathetic and sympathetic.  I have totally enjoyed working with her and have already recommended her to others.”


A Very Eye-opening Experience

from Andrea M

“I had the pleasure of working with Jenny during a mini reading of the Self-Worth Quotient.  Jenny was able to provide me with a value in the area of career, which validated what I have been feeling for quite some time, that I need to find a way to be happier in this aspect of my life.  Jenny was able to give me recommendations on how to better align with my soul’s true purpose.  She suggested writing down everything that I want in my career that will make me truly happy and how to take one step at a time to get there.  I have also had the full Akashic record reading and clearing with Jenny as well.  This experience was very eye-opening and explained so much about how I have been feeling and old traumas I have been holding onto.  She helped me to clear these beliefs and limitations and get on the path to a happier, healthier life. I highly recommend working with Jenny on the Akashic records if you want to learn more about the origin of your soul and clear any trauma/old beliefs that are no longer serving you!”

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ABOUT JENNY MANNION – Author, Speaker, Energy Educator and Intuitive Healer

Jennifer Mannion is an International best-selling author, speaker, intuitive, self-love activator, and media personality.  She graduated from Penn State with a BA in Psychology and a keen interest in how our minds work. It was through healing herself from seven years of several debilitating chronic diseases in three weeks that Jenny found her passion to help others. She is an intuitive healer, mind/body/spirit mentor, and energetic catalyst who inspires people to connect with their inner-power, develop greater healing & expansion and create the lives they desire.

Certified in over 15 healing modalities including Reconnective Healing, the Akashic Records, and Shamanism, Jenny’s intuitive gifts lead her to create the online classes Embracing Bliss and Love365, which both offer bite-sized actions & tools to support your healing.

Jenny’s FREE online community Re-Awaken You offers a place to connect with Jenny and others, receive monthly free group energetic healing sessions, weekly oracle readings and a safe place to ask questions while gaining tools and support for your journey. Jenny’s profound story and work has been featured on PBS, NPR, iHeartRadio, HuffPost, ABC Talk Radio, and many other national & regional TV and radio shows.



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