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It is my passion to show you

how truly

amazing and powerful you are!


Would you like to feel more connected to unconditional love?


Do you have questions about how you can STAY mindful and not slip into past patterns/behaviors?


Would you like to keep feeling empowered using extremely easy tools?






We’ve all heard the notion that we must first take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. YOU NEED to be able to honor yourself, feel compassion and worthiness to manifest a life of happiness.

You deserve love and to feel in balance. With that love and balance not only can you live your best life, but you will be giving to others from a filled instead of depleted space. 

Join my 7 day Chakra Course



Discover How the 7 Major Chakras (Energy Centers)

can bring balance back into

your body and mind. 

What Jenny is Up To

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Self Worth Now is 26 Days of Email Lessons on How to Truly Embrace Your Self Worth to Manifest A Life Congruent with Your Highest Potential. You also receive daily energy sent to you by 8 EXPERIENCED Energy Workers
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Jenny Mannion has been recognized by CNTV as an Award Winning Business. Find out more about the work she does below in her interview with CNTV.

I know what it was like to feel your life is limited AND I know what it takes to create fast and lasting change.  

We can’t always get there by ourselves and we can often get there faster with some help from someone who’s been there.

It is my passion and my mission to be that someone for you! I help you remember who you are at a soul level. So you and your life can reflect the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

The work we do together is about learning to love yourself unconditionally and to activate true self-worth rooted from the core.

When you tap into that self-love your relationships begin to reflect that love back to you. I can help you move from the past to attain a future that is aligned with love and your highest intentions! 

To support you, I use tools like the Akashic Records, my Energy Healing work, Shamanism and Mind/Body mentoring plus so much more. Since you are here, you already know your soul is calling in this special co-creative healing experience.

I am here to support you simply choose a path to get started.

Please check out my

Energy Services (Includes Mentoring, Energy Healing and Shamanic Work)



to learn more about the work we can do together.

If you have any questions,

do not hesitate to reach out to me: jenny@jennymannion.com 


If you want to explore what services might fit you best – 
I offer a
FREE 15 minute Consult –
Email me your time zone and some availabilities.  I am in NY on Eastern Time.  

As featured on:

PBS Television
Publishers Weekly
Elephant Journal
Featured Healer
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Mind Body Network
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I Felt Each & Every Part Of My Body Being Healed

“THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to experience Reconnective Healing. All I can say is that you are amazing!! I felt each and every part of my body being healed. I truly believe that EVERYONE should experience the healing once. As a result I am still experiencing the effects of our session. Yesterday, due to me overdoing it I was in so much pain but woke up as fit as a fiddle this morning. Usually, I have to spend the whole day in bed, taking painkillers and not being able to move (I had even cancelled appts). To say I was stunned is to put it mildly to have got of of bed with NO PAIN and NO ACHES… Amazing!! and I have only one person to thank… YOU!!

A. Nashad


I am so happy now, it’s wonderful!

“Where do I begin? Jenny Mannion is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! I met her through a podcast that I heard from Slade Roberson. I contacted her right away, as I was looking for healing and answers in my own personal life. I heard her story and found it very moving. Since meeting her I’ve had and an Akashic Record Reading. It has opened me up to being a whole new person that I never knew even existed. I am so happy now, it’s wonderful! I want to get out and meet people and do things. Before I did not. I lacked the self-confidence.

Her reading was right on and completely resonates with my life. I read it and reread it. She is helping me on the journey to a wonderful life! I am even going back to school!”

Melissa M.

Louisville, KY

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