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We are born so precious, frail on the outside but deeply connected to our soul self. As we grow we are “taught” to hide away our uniqueness so we can fit into society.

We all have had our fair share of trauma, joys, and experiences that have shaped us and in many cases have dimmed the ease of communicating to our soul.

That is where I come in with a Loving, healing embrace. Using Love as a fundamental healing source to support you in healing at the root.

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Your Healing Begins Here

We each have this powerful ability to heal ourselves but sometimes we need help to get there

Someone to hold space for you as you take the steps further into your healing journey…

Someone to comfort you as things such as resistance, self-sabotage, and fear come up…

Someone to offer tools to get you through to the next level while being the love and support you need…

I know what it was like to feel your life is limited AND I know what it takes to create fast and lasting change.  

We can’t always get there by ourselves and we can often get there faster with some help from someone who’s been there.

It is my passion and my mission to be that someone for you! I help you remember who you are at a soul level. So you and your life can reflect the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

The work we do together is about learning to love yourself unconditionally and to activate true self-worth rooted from the core.

To support you, I use tools like the Akashic Records, my signature Re-Awakening Energy Healing work, Shamanism and Mind/Body mentoring plus so much more. Since you are here, you already know your soul is calling in this special co-creative healing experience.

I am here to support you simply choose a path to get started.

Heal Your Body

Embrace Your Soul

Deepening Your Self-Love

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PBS Television
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Featured on PBS

5 Years In Remission from Aggressive Cancer

Cured of Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome

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