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Re-Awaken your Energy – Welcome Gift

Re-awaken Your Energy and Shift the Patterns and Behaviors That Are Keeping You Sick or Keeping You Stuck!

​​I know now that ​changing ​our body’s subtle energy flow ​and having a healthy sense of self-worth are the ultimate healing tools that each of us has inside.

I realized that by shifting the attention of my self-talk and doing the deep inner soul healing work that I could TRANSFORM my body’s energy system and reawaken healthy cell growth​!

Armed with that knowledge, I then​ immersed myself in inner healing and healed myself of chronic illness in 3 weeks​. To this day over 13 years later – I am symptom free.

I’m offering this free gift to teach you how to connect to, harness, and manipulate physical and emotional energy.  You will be empowered with the most basic, natural, life healing skill that is available to us all.

Tapping into the infinite love that is all around us and within us so we can love ourselves back to wholeness and into the best version of ourselves is where it all begins!

Get ALL 4 Exclusive Free Gifts including:

  1. A mini-Akashic Self-worth Quotient (SQ) Reading
  2. “BE LIGHT” Guided Self-worth Meditation MP3
  3. Guided Video Exercises – How to Sense Energy
  4. Receive Monthly Distance Energy Healing

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Jenny Mannion is an Author, Speaker, Energy Educator and Intuitive Healer


Claim your 15 minute 1-on-1 mini-Akashic Reading with Jenny

During our phone call, I will access your Akashic record and tell you your Self-Worth Quotient. The number ranges between 0-100.  I will then be able to offer clearings based upon your number which also allows me to intuit specific affirmations just for you.

You will leave our call armed with personalized affirmations that will boost your Self-TLC (self-talk, self-love, self-care).

“Jenny is a very gifted healer.  She hears and connects with you on a soul level! Her knowingness is profound and her direction and guidance are sweet, gentle and supportive.  The self-worth quotient was just what I needed to help me to re-align to my purpose.  Thank you Jenny for your gifts.  You have blessed my being.” ~Becky/New York

“I felt “listened to” in our interaction-like you had real insight into me without knowing me and it was really wonderful to hear that the Heart Chakra is where I might focus for healing. I had been really focusing on the sacral chakra and was not really feeling I was getting anywhere- in the recent meditations I have been doing.  It was a helpful session and I felt like I could mention a private issue that has harmed my feelings about myself throughout my life. I really enjoyed it and felt healed from the session.” ~Barbara O.

“I am so grateful to Jenny for offering her self-worth quotient readings in the Akashics. She is such a lovely, gifted and intuitive guide and her energy instantly puts you at ease. Her reading, affirmations, prescriptions and gifted resources were all so spot on and resonated deeply and personally. Working with her suggestions is definitely helping me in my journey of healing and growth. With gratitude and blessings Jenny, thank you.”   -Joanna F. / Australia


The BE LIGHT Guided Audio
Self-Worth Meditation

Listen to my 15-minute guided meditation prior to receiving the Free Distance Healing Session or listen anytime as a stand alone meditation. 

This specially recorded audio meditation offers a full body integration with vivid imagery that will help keep your cognitive mind focused as it increases your sensory and emotional connection.  It will put you and your heart in a very open, loving, healing space for receiving anytime you listen.


Two Feel Energy Exercises from the Embracing BLISS Course

The 2 FREE EXERCISES I’m giving you in the Embracing BLISS course will teach you HOW to move energy in different areas of your life with your attention and intention. By the end of this class you will feel energy much faster and easier. Be patient with yourself, it just takes practice. 

Energy can be called Qi, Prana & many other names given by Eastern Medicine.  I have seen how changing your body’s energy and vibration can change every part of life! In my own life I’ve gone from healing from all illnesses, getting a book published and meeting the man of my dreams to helping clients heal from cancer, depression and more.

Resonance = Manifestation

When you match the resonance of a vibration energetically you are calling things to you. Energy flows where attention goes.


Receive Distance Energy Healing for you, your family and pets

Each month I will be offering a FREE 1-hour Group Distance Healing session and there is a spot reserved just for you.  Just sign up with your name and email and you can receive for yourself, your family and your furry friends.

Here is a recent testimonial from the last distance energy session:

  “Good day Jenny. Just a message to say I added my name for when you did the free distant healing last Wed. I asked for healing in my financial life and also for my daughter to conceive.Since then up to today something as shifted. This is what I have manifested or should I say what as flowed in; Won 2 competitions of goodies; Received a gift out of the blue from overseas of a client; 1150 pounds in cash as come to me; Received 130 pounds in refunds from utilities. I am blown away and I feel some of this is due to the healing you did. Thank you so much. Blessings to you. It had been a difficult year and was behind on all Bill’s but now I can get back on my feet and in alignment” ~ J.F./ England

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Jenny graduated from Penn State with a BA in psychology, always interested in how the mind worked and in helping others. Jenny found her passion for healing through her own journey and is now an intuitive healer, mind/body mentor, and an energetic educator who inspires people to connect with their inner power to create the life they desire. Throughout her years of practice, Jenny has seen clients heal from depression, cancer, MS and many other challenges.  It is Jenny’s passion to help others tap into their own inner powers to transform their lives as she shares in the book she authored called, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life. ​Jenny conducts workshops and has been featured on PBS’s “The Whitney Reynolds Show”.  She is also the creator of the BE LIGHT Energy Healing modality and her signature online course Embracing BLISS.

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