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Integrate & Embody Your Self-Worth Akashic Clearings

Having an Akashic Reading and Clearing changed my life. A couple of years later I was called to learn the modality myself to help others. Working in the Akashic Records for over a decade has allowed me to help hundreds of people in my practice change their trajectory and invoke deep healing. A little over a month ago, I had my most profound experience to date.  

While in the Akashic Records, I was told very clearly and quickly in my meditation that there was a way to measure someone’s self-worth. That attaining this number would allow me to then ask what blocks and restrictions needed to be removed in order for the person to live from their greatest embodiment of their self-worth.

We’ve all heard of IQ and EQ… well, I was told this was their SQ, their Self-worth Quotient.

We manifest FROM our self-worth; it is the basis of all the good we do or DO NOT allow ourselves to receive in our lives.

From this lifetime and past ones, the energetic blocks and restrictions that have made us feel less than in any way can keep us feeling like we’re spinning our wheels, and at times only making little bits of progress. We can lack confidence or courage and doubt our intuition. In our hearts we know we are not embracing all we can be to step into our unlimited potential. 

Because we are largely unaware of these energies, it can cause us to attract things from that lack of self-worth space which can show up in relationships, jobs, lack of abundance and so much more that is NOT aligned with our highest good!

Right now, we are all being asked to stay in our homes, giving us more time to go inward into our hearts and assess what is and is not working. Asking ourselves, “What in our lives can use some extra love? and “What do we need to change to embrace the highest version of ourselves?” “How can we move forward in faith, trusting our own powers and capabilities?”

This is truly a time to go deeply inward and set those intentions while clearing and removing any last energetic blocks and restrictions and pieces of doubt that exist. 

This is a time to connect with, integrate, and embody your self-worth so you can emerge from this stronger and show up as your best self. 

In my online interactive class Embracing BLISS, I talk about how Self-worth encompasses three (3) components. The acronym for those 3 components is Self-TLC. I’ve written about it here… in short… it stands for Self-Talk, Self-Love, and Self-Care. (Mind, Spirit and Physical Aspects of Ourselves)

When I received the message that I could measure this Self-worth Quotient (SQ) in people, I was also told I needed to address all 3 of these components in the clearing process that I use with each individual.

That got me excited, and it clicked! And I immediately knew I could put together ALL the elements and techniques of the work I’ve been doing for decades to develop a very specific approach that would identify and clear these energies and patterns and create fast and lasting changes on multiple levels!

So today I can announce that I am NOW offering this very special Integrate and Embody Your Self-Worth Akashic Clearings Package to you and you can read below to see what’s included:

A personal assessment of your current Self-worth Quotient, between 1-100, and a detailed explanation during our one-on-one reading. A 15-min one on one call w/Custom Written Affirmations based on what I found that will assist you in moving forward. (This will help boost your Self-Talk) Valued at $60

A Deep Clearing in the Akashic Records of YOUR specific limiting beliefs, patterns, and ANY energies blocking you from this number being higher.  A written report for your reference that explains which blocks and restrictions have been removed and a prayer to repeat aloud for 7 consecutive days, which will put your intention behind their removal. (This will help boost your Self-Love) – Valued at $250

1/2 Hour call with me to discuss your reading – Valued at $125

The full value of this entire package is over $400, but because of the times we are in, I am offering a steep discount.

Get started now for just $250

You can also take advantage of PayPal financing and get no interest charged for 6 months:

Here is what clients have said after their Akashic SWQ reading:

“The moment Jenny’s voice came through on our phone call, I instantly felt comforted by her groundedness and wisdom. Such lovely energy. Jenny was both kind and direct as she pinpointed specific areas where I wasn’t operating in my highest worth; when she communicated those to me, I instantly felt my soul agreeing. It wasn’t a wash of general advice. It felt very specific to me. I love that she provided really practical next steps for me – specific affirmations, strategies, lists, and links to more resources. Would totally recommend a self-worth quotient and mini-Akashic reading from this sweet and wise soul!” ~ Celine T. from Toronto

“Jenny is a very gifted healer. She hears and connects with you on a soul level! Her knowingness is profound and her direction and guidance are sweet, gentle and supportive. The self-worth quotient was just what I needed to help me to re-align to my purpose. Thank you Jenny for your gifts. You have blessed my being.”
Becky from NY

“I had a self-worth quotient reading with Jenny. It was an amazing, insightful reading. In a short period of time she gave me personalised affirmations and also many tools to increase my self-worth quotient, which resonated a lot with me. I would definitely recommend healing sessions with Jenny to get more clarity on where you are at and to move forward in your healing journey. Thank you Jenny.” – Sanjana from India

*NOTE* We will immediately schedule your initial SWQ assessment reading so you can begin using your personalized affirmations. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your full Akashic Reading & Property Clearing to be completed.

I am SO excited to introduce this program and am excited for YOU to see results that launch YOU into the best version of yourself